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Rest In his arms

I wrote this awhile ago...my life is a chapter of incidents and blessings and like so many of us, God gently and patiently waitied for me to realise the extent of his love for me. God has brought me through many trials, joys, sadness and blessings....and I am sure there will still be much more to come on all fronts. the thing is that as the years have gone by I have slowly learnt how important it is to not rest or rely on myself, but only to rest and trust in God alone. Trust was not something that came easy to me, not years ago, but God softened my skeptical heart, he touched me in a way beyond words. How could I look into his eyes and not be filled with his overwhelming love.
Anyways, I wantd to share this with everyone. It is not my story as such, but it is very important lessons I have learnt through life that have been very relevant to myself. Maybe it will be helpfull to some others, if not I apoligise, but these are things Gods has helped me with and continues to help me with every moment of every day.
God Bless you all :shade:
He Who Dwells In the Shelter Of The Lord

Dwells: - To dwell implies to me a place where I choose to live. If I was to “dwell” somewhere, that would essentially mean to me, that I was home. To be within the confinement of your own home creates many images. For myself, when I think of home, I think of a place I can totally relax, be at ease, kick of my shoes and stretch out. I am relaxed and comfortable!! To many people being at home is a place where they say they can be completely themselves, no inhibitions.
Shelter: - To find shelter implies looking for protection.

Safety: - If someone is looking for safety, that could imply they are looking for protection. They are looking for somewhere to escape to, so they can be reassured. A place to go that will protect them from whatever it is that is causing them to feel in danger. Feelings that include vulnerability, desolation, hurt and increasing sadness.

Most High God: - Quite simply, he is the universal creator of each and every one of us. He created the universe, each one of us, each blade of grass that grows each living creature. All things are created by him and through his loving hand.

So what would happen if we were to combine these thoughts?

There are times when we are worried, exhausted and bewildered. Events and situations cause us inward hurt and pain. Words spoken and left unsaid, by people we know and by those who are strangers. Words or looks that cause a deep searing pain and seem to cut away within our souls. Confusion mills around us, sometimes causing us to feel like we are objects swept up and dropped down by a tornado. Thoughts and emotions charge through our bodies. We want to run, run and hide from all that is occurring within and around us. The charade we have tried to uphold for so long is stripped away and are openness and vulnerability appear to have been placed on display. Where can we run to? Where can we hide? Who can offer us safety and protection?

There in the midst of all these heightened emotions, sentiments, and isolation. There in the middle reaching out is Christ. You stop for a second, try to shut out your hurt emotions, thoughts of despair and sadness, because as you glance up, you can see Christ is saying something, but you can’t catch his words. Then you notice that he is beckoning, beckoning you, you step forward and as each step brings you closer you can just begin to make out his words. Yet they make no sense? His words appear to mention the word dwelling? In your eagerness to hear the words of Christ you pick up speed, oblivious now to all the weight of the sadness and pain of your emotions. A burden that is so great. Indeed before you saw Christ you had barely been able to stand upright, but instead felt as though you were being hammered further and further into the ground. Every inch of your human frame ached, but now you are running and as you do, the load and pain seems to be easier to carry, until you stop. Jesus is there before you, and you collapse broken hearted and despairing into his open arms. :shade:

Jesus enfolds his arms around you; your breathing is fast, rapid and uneven. It echoes in your ears. Slowly as your breathing calms you hear him gently saying, “My beloved, come rest and dwell in me.”

As Christians we must try to always bring everything to Christ. Place everything in his lap. Christ wants to share everything with us. He wants to help carry our load. Share are concerns anxieties, fears, heal our pains, help unearth deep-rooted hurts that all of us carry around deep within our being. He wants to share our laughter, our joy, our fun and excitement. Our future plans, and desires. Christ wants us to bring everything home to him. Why? Why is this so? Christ has made his home within each one of us. He dwells within each one of us. He wants us to run to him, kick off our shoes, gently relax in his loving embrace, and tell him all that is taking place in our lives.

There are times when we run to him, but the pain/ load we bear is so intense, that we are unable to talk. Occasions when all we can do is sit and weep as he holds and gently heals and renews us. There are occasions when the words just tumble out, confused and angry. Christ waits patiently, listening, waiting for us to unload all that we are going through. It makes no difference how we approach Christ; the important point here is that we remember to seek him out. We remember to bring everything before him. God has already searched and examined us. He knows and understands our innermost thoughts and desires. There is no pain or hurt we are experiencing that Christ has not already felt. He was betrayed by his closest friends. He was tortured, ridiculed, despised. He was left to die for a crime he never committed. What emotion can we be experiencing that has not already been felt by Christ himself. This knowledge that Christ truly has experienced all we are going through, gives to us the ability to start relaxing. We can begin to calm down from the turbulence within our souls. We are in the arms of Christ. We are protected and safe from all that is occurring within and around us. We must then learn to relax in the SHADOW of God our Father.

In the Shadow

I would like to pause for a moment to consider the intensity and wondrous implications that is brought about by these three simple words.

I have various interpretations along this particular phrase, but I would like to share with you my opening thought, before I expand any further.

To be in someone’s shadow is truly an awesome thought. Primarily for a shadow to occur there needs to be light. You are running, in essence in darkness, for protection, safety, compassion and understanding to Christ. Christ, the light of the world. What brighter light and love can you run towards? What more encompassing love and understanding can protect, help and restore us from the burdens we are enduring. What brighter love can we seek shelter from? What brighter light can truly protect us from all that avails and consumes our innermost thoughts and emotions? Stop and imagine the intensity and truth implied within these words. Now pause and consider the closeness of God as you rest in his shadow.

One of my children is fascinated by shadows, he will spend ages determined to get directly into a shadow so none of his own form/ shape can be seen. As his brothers are older and hence taller, he discovered that on occasions the only way he could be “one” with the shadow, was to get his brothers to sit down. That way, as he came closer and closer to his brother, so their shadows combined and they became one. They were united. Upon this discovery he shouted in glee “Look we are one”!! When I started exploring this Psalm, these three words formed a particular picture for myself. I imagined Christ standing as he beckoned me forwards, and as I ran to him, collapsing in his arms, he instantly bore the weight of my burden I carried. The weight of my burden and him catching me as I fell into his arms caused him to sit. Sit and hold me as a parent does their hurt or upset child. As he sat, embracing me in his love, his shadow and mine combined. We became one. I was safe within his shadow. I had come home to dwell within the safety and love of Christ.

When things happen around us and events seem to occur one after the other, it can feel at times that we are in the midst of a battle. Attacked and besieged by events beyond our understanding. There seems no end to the countless assaults that we must bear. In desperation we can sometimes try to tackle these emotions on our own. We may seek God, but fail to truly bring all before him. Sometimes we may present only to him, that which we are able to acknowledge ourselves. Sometimes we are too ashamed. Other times we seek his help in a passing thought. How important it is to always, in all things, run towards him, dwell within him and rest in his shadow. Of course it goes without saying that from there we have to have the courage to stand and face that which has made us run to him, but we can do that in the knowledge that we are one with his love. He will lead and guide us through every event that takes place. On occasions that we are unable to walk, God himself will command his angels to carry us. So let us not hold back, let us not be dragged down in despair, desolation, and hurt. Let us run towards Christ. Christ whose home is within each one of us, and let our shadows unite, so that like my youngest son, we too can shout in glee and excitement as we allow Gods love and protection to seep through every part of our pain as we rest in the safety of his shadow and become one with Christ.

A final point to remember here is that God wants us to run to him always. Let us not forget that along with the times in our life when we are struggling, God also wants to share with us our excitement, joy and happiness. God wants to laugh aloud as we recall stories and events to him, he wants to sit and share every event that happens within our lives. Each one of us is unique, special and important to God. We are his children, let us share with our Father and place in his loving hands, each moment, each dream, each smile, each laugh, and learn the importance of resting at home with Christ, he has indeed made his home already within each one of us. Do not leave him alone, waiting for you to visit.
He is waiting, longing for you to tell him all, waiting for you to rest in his arms.
:love: :shade: :love: :love: :shade:
So hello scoobydooby

i would like to beleive i would be protacted but i have been along time doing that by myself and to trust someone = tricky but to trust someone invisibel= even trickyer and to trust someone invisibel, powerfull and a guy. nearly imposibel

yeah yeah but i know before you post me afterwards, nothing is imposibel to god, i read this too.

If you have let god in close to you scooby does it mean you dont stand up for yourself and that you need to rely on people more?

ok you said sorftened your heart. so if it was hard before then god made it soft do you still feel like thes same person?

and about talking to god and saying all the things to him that i would say to ruth or corrin like 'hey look at that huge sea aint it kool'? how do you stop feeling silly like yr talkin to yrself? ha!

and also i like the shadows thing too, i wish i could step into a shadow so that i was invisibel too just for a while

i really liked to read this scooby, i rote it out. ha i have loads of papers here now in my room. hanging my walls. ha!
:shade: Hi Heatherann, thanks for your reply and I am glad you enjoyed reading it, thanks. As you say already, nothing is impossible to God, and yes he does soften your heart...but how? Well I am sure many brothers and sisters in Christ will have many answers how this happens, for me personally......I felt I was far, far beyond the reach of God, I felt it was impossible for me to love God, especially an invisible God.
However when I turned to Christ in true honesty, fell before him and laid at his feet, I actually could not do anything execpt weep. I wept because I did not even start to recount my sins, I had no need to...God was not interested he only wanted me to turn from my sin and turn to him. When I did that, when his love annoited my heart, yes everything within me changed. My heart that had been hardened against God, against people, against everythinhg. Well God did change my heart because as he forgave me I became a new person in Christ. :love: :love:
For a long time I had learnt to survive on my own, I trusted no-one I wanted help from no-one I wanted to be a fighter and do it all on my own and dislkiked people telling me they could help. I did not understand, why would they want to help me...it made no sense. All that changed once I came before Christ, once he forgave me my sins, lived within me and I lifted my eyes to Christ and asked him to fogive me and show me how to walk and live with him.
Do I sometimes feel daft talking to God?? well for me chatting to God is exactly the same as chatting to my best friend, I share everything with him, the funny moments in each day (that there are so many of with my kids!!!) I share my sadness, my fears, my hurts my pain, I share my love, my laughter, my joy....the list is endless...and best of all God always forgives me, he holds nothing against me, he never leaves me or forsakes me and he never lets me down. I am the one who lets him down, I get carried away and think I can do things on my own, i take my eyes of Christ and put my eyes on the materialitic things in society and crash, bang wallop, I fall flat on my face every time!!! What happens.Christ picks me up, burshes me off, and gently helps me on my way again!!! :shade:

I sit and abide in his shadow, I rest in his arms, each day he heals and restores, encourages and helps. :love:
Dear Lord I pray for your strength this day and every day, I pray for your smile and the warmth of your love to encourage me on every walk of my life, I pray that you will help me to rest and fall into your arms that I may grow daily to be a reflection of you in my life. I am not worthy of your love, yet freely you gave it for me and for everyone , so feely take all that I am and use my life for your purpose alone.
:love: :thumbs_up

That was so good what you have written Scooby, its sometimes the best place to be in his arms, I trust him with my life, I know that he would never hurt me, he wants the best for me. It has taken me a long time to get to this place, he is so patient, what still amazes me is the unconditional love that we recieve from him. We do not have achieve it or do anything to recieve it is given freely. He loved us to the point of dying for us, thats amazing.

I read and reread this and it bought tears to my eyes...I paused quite a bit because I couldnt see the screen through tears, God is so gracious and I need to give things to god more instead of trying to do it on my own
Thanks Scooby
Thats really great!!!! God always watches over u and one cant think that hes all alone he is facing toublesome times.Thanx for sharing ths story
To quote from Scooby ...
" ..well for me chatting to God is exactly the same as chatting to my best friend, I share everything with him, the funny moments in each day (that there are so many of with my kids!!!) I share my sadness, my fears, my hurts my pain, I share my love, my laughter, my joy....the list is endless...and best of all God always forgives me, he holds nothing against me, he never leaves me or forsakes me and he never lets me down. I am the one who lets him down, I get carried away and think I can do things on my own, i take my eyes of Christ and put my eyes on the materialitic things in society and crash, bang wallop, I fall flat on my face every time!!! What happens.Christ picks me up, burshes me off, and gently helps me on my way again!!!

I sit and abide in his shadow, I rest in his arms, each day he heals and restores, encourages and helps. "

Thanks for a good post .

This is really true ... I do agree with you as I , too have gone through the experience , you know the lonely alleys , the winding roads , the darkness and WoW ! Alleluia Praise the Lord ( (it is in our weakness , the Lord's Strength is seen )

. JESUS loves us . He forgets our sins when we ask him to take over our lives .
Yes .... Let us rest in the arms of the Lord .