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Request For My Christian Friend Needing Big Prayer

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Ceptor, May 29, 2018.

  1. I've been through a lot since last time i logged into this site.

    God has been doing very, very crazy and powerful things around me and teaching me a lot.

    He has sparked a large blaze inside me and I'm going all in on ministry and for God's people.

    God has always told me I am to do His work, but I've been discouraged (#1 tool used against Christians) until now.

    The Request:

    I have a person that is very important to me though they live very far away. Many people that are on this site know that distance means nothing when it comes to knowing a person. She is a super kind soul and doesn't have very many (if any other than myself) "Passionate For God" influences in her life.

    Right now, if anyone who reads this knows anything of spiritual attacks, then this girl needs prayer. Although I've always believed in prayer, I didn't know JUST how powerful it is when people that seriously love God pray.

    I've seen a pattern lately, of people around me (since I caught fire for Jesus, that is) being hit with heavy issues. Mostly... issues with themselves and asking questions like "why do i keep making bad decisions?"

    I've also seen this in other cases where someone begins to do God's work, people close to them seem to start to have problems.

    Anyone that knows what I'm referring to doesn't need any further explanation...

    And if you know what I'm referring to, God sent me here after I spent a long time praying and asking for Him for help.

    Her name is Lindsay Joy, and she is in a lot of pain. Pain that I know first hand myself.

    If you love God with all your heart, and love His people, this is one of them and she needs prayer.

    I'm calling on anyone I can get that God will send.

    Please pray for her to be filled with His Holy Spirit.

    Please pray that He will hinder people that would influence her negatively.

    Please pray that Jesus will be her number one concern that He can lead her out of these trials, or through them if it is His will.

    I KNOW God's people are here. Because everywhere God has sent me lately they have showed up like a mighty army.

    And to whoever prays for her, I want to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart. My God bless you immensely.

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    praying dear brother for Lindsay Joy good to see you back on the site
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  3. Praying brother that God allow a hedge to surround her, until which time she is strengthened to step out in faith to His Glory. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen!
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  4. Greetings Ceptor,

    Thank you for sharing this request...
    and also for an update on how you are in your walk.

    May you both know the peace of God in Christ Jesus the Lord and see the many beautiful moments He has prepared for you to rejoice in.

    Bless you ....><>
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  5. Glad to pray for Lindsay!
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  6. Thank you all dearly. Though I'm incredibly busy lately, I'll be trying to check into the site as much as time allows.

    I couldn't express my gratitude to you all truly. This one was extremely tough for me personally hearing the tears flow.

    As for me, I am doing much better with Jesus than I ever have been previously. He has been breaking chains for me that have been there for 15+ years and opening doors that have always been there but been closed.

    He has always been in my life and I've always called on His name, but He shows me our previous experiences (such as Moses) are used by Him to accomplish His will.

    I never thought myself to be a leader. Today, I find myself lifting people up with positivity, suffering to accept and forgive for the Gospel's sake, and learning to follow in the shoes of Paul who I connect with personally on a deep personal level in my heart. (Though He's showing me numerous things I supposed myself to have read, but obviously we all know only the Holy Spirit can reveal all things we read of)

    I am the chief of sinners brothers (As Paul states of "Saul"), though many claim to disagree and state they have me beat, it's no contest for me to win but what I know He has revealed to me. It's what God has used to show me who He is and make me love Him all the more. For who is forgiven much loves much.

    As if the timing could not be more uncanny (as all so-called "coincidences" in life ahem), at the time He begins breaking my chains and making me able to stand (with His help every breath), I have many people around me needing my help.

    I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in the Son of God.

    He also, has shown me the power of prayer lately (past few weeks). Though I've always believed in prayer and it's power, never to the extent that I do now. I have seen it's enormous effects and God's extremely large hand intervening to help.

    I suppose this is my re-introduction. :smile:

    I've kackled on long enough for one post, and have mountains of work to get back to. Thank you for the welcome back! It's a great, great blessing to be here again.

    As for your prayers for Lindsay Joy... I will be praying especially for God to bless you all (which I have come to love to do, bless people) beyond what you can imagine.

    Thank you all again for keeping her in prayer. I will update everyone on her. She says I'm her "mentor", so I will know personally how things are.

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  7. Thanks Daniel,

    press on....

    Bless you ....><>
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  8. Belatedly, but also joining in here in prayer for Lyndsay!
  9. @Ceptor

    how is Lindsay Joy, Daniel?

    Bless you ....><>
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  10. Apologies for the late update. A huge thank you to everyone for praying for her.

    She seems to be doing better and is having personal time with Jesus daily she says. I haven't got to speak to her a lot lately but I feel she is keeping up with her time with Him.

    I can't express how grateful I am to everyone for your prayers. We don't live close or talk often but I've known her a long time and I know she doesn't have a ton of positive Christian influences around her. Being younger, early 20's, she just needs a little guidance and prayer in these days with so many opinions that differ from the Bible.

    May God bless you all greatly. I am so thankful for all of you brothers. Praise Jesus for His people!
  11. Thank you for your update @Ceptor and for your praiseful thankful attitude.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and your friend.
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