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Request for a lotta prayers - I'm a mess

I have just turned 28 and got saved when I was 16. Since I was about 17, i backslid and I am now a total mess. I cannot believe some of the things I have done recently. I hate myself as I am not a decent person anymore. My nanny died a few weeks ago, just when my boyfriend of 10 1/2 years dumped me, I hate my job and am saving to go to Australia in 2006. I have got involved in too many ways of the world and it is not what its cracked up to be. I just feel miserable now and am dreading this Christmas because of how I am, what I've become and the recent death of my nanny. I have no Christian friends to turn to for advice and feel that I need a friend (preferably near Belfast, N. Ireland). Sometimes I feel bitter at God for letting my mum suffer so much with her health as she has leukaemia, Ulcerative Colitis (which she nearly died from last year). she now has an ileostomy bag which should have been reversed into an internal pouch over a year ago but she has had so many infections etc and has been in and out of hospital. Im sure there must be some reason for this but I cant help getting angry at times. I also suffer from Crohns (which isnt too bad) but this leads to Shin Splints and Osteoporosis because of all the steroids Im on. I believe that the end is coming very soon and need to sort myself out. sometimes, if I had the money, I just want to go away by myself for a week or 2, to try to sort my head out. Please could someone pray for me? Im in tears as I type this as I feel that my life is out of control as I feel I cannot take anymore. Please help me.
We love you and feel for you. Please hang in there and rely heavily on God. He will pull you through. I pray that God will give you peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding. The trials you have been thru. will either make you better or bitter. I pray that you will not grow sour but that God will use these hardships to make you strong and effective for the Kingdom. If that happens you will be of much use to Him and you will be able to help so many others. Let God fill you with his love and feel the love flowing to you from your brothers and sisters in Christ. Dont beat yourself up. Condemnation is not from God. You are sooooo precious in His eyes. Bless you Sister
thanks. Yep - I got your message tonight. thank you for praying as I need a lot of help. I'm determined to hang in there tho. Your prayers mean a lot. Bless you.
Krizzie - thanks so much for chatting and then taking the time to read my prayer request. I really need it. It means a lot. I actually feel like I have people to talk to here and who can help me. Take care and God Bless!!
Lord Jesus! I cal you now, Lord of Lords and allmighty God, which healed with power many people, in the past and untill now! Lord, I know you can even act, if I beg you without a voice, just by typing this! Lord, in the moment Kezkez is reading this, start your powerfull touching of Kezkez heart, soul and body! Lord touch her now and give Kezkez peace and joy in her heart! Jesus, you are the Allmighty, you are even active here in this cyberworld! But I beg you, let Kezkez go to a nondenominational living church, where she can find christian friends! Touch the hearts of some christians, which will be there for Kezkez. Father in heaven, hold Kezkez in your arms and show her your great love for her! Jesus, you died an such orful dead for our sins, show Kezkez the way back to you! Holy Spirit lead Kezkez back to our lovely Lord and fill her up with all of your presence and power! Lord, you can heal allthough the mother of Kezkez. Please touch now the mother, my Lord of miracles and wonders, of healing and of forgiveness! Lovely Lord, stand now in these days next to Kezkez, let her feel your presence, fill her heart with peace and give her fellowship with christians, lead her to them! Lord, heal her wounded heart, give her love inside, take the anger away, fill her up with Love, because you are love! Glory of God come now, come this night and appear in Kezkez dreams, touch her, that she'll awake renewed and powerfull, filled with you, my loved God! Encourage her please and give her hope back! Open her eyes for your great forgivenes, Lord, she came humbling, now pick her please up from her knees and tell her, how much you love her! I know, you'll do it, because it's your heart! Forgive me, for preaching instead of praying! Lord, but open her eyes please, noone can do that, just you! Open her eyes for your forgiveness and for the new life you'll give her! Set her free from herself and from pain, and from sadness! Lord Jesus! Great is our God!!!
Praise him and worship him! All the earth! Angels of God protect Kezkez from the evel! Holy Spirit fill her and lead her the way of Jesus! Let her see the glory the great plan you got for her life! Lord let her see, that this is not the end, this is the beginning!!! Now, she is able to receive all of you! Nothing she can bring you! And you like to give all!!! Great is our God, praise the Lord! Jesus has done it all! Fill Kezkez now with your holy power! Love of God, start now flowing in her heart and renew her!
Thank you Lord, great are you, praise and worship belongs to you and the father, I adore you!
Thank you for your action!
Thank you for touching Kezkez,
thank you for healing,
thank you for filling her!
Thank you for her new relationships with you and other christians!
Thank you for your power and your powerful salvation!
Praise the Lord!
Thank you,
I'am glad..

I'm glad you feel that way, Krizzie, just becarful you don't let those feelings lead you back to sorrow but let what God has said lead you to Eternal JOY in paradise.

Even here and now some in this world though we are not of it.
I just sent you this...

I just sent you the below in an email but I also posted it here for you.

When you enter a forum. There is a little yellow box over the Threads that are in that forum, just click on it with your mouse. It should say NEW THREAD in the little yellow box.

Ledamay said:
How can I start my own thread? I am sure mine will need it's own.

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