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Replacing the Grout

Staff Member
Replacing the Grout - January 30, 2006

The grout on our kitchen counter tops was stained and very ugly after fifteen years of wear and tear. I decided it was time to replace it, and hired a tile mason to do the job.

Each person on earth has something just as ugly in their lives- and it is called sin. Sometimes sin's ugliness is very visible, and the dirt shows plainly in our lives. However, sometimes we hide all the nasty thoughts and actions where no one can see them; no one but God, that is
Just as the workman repaired my grout, God repaired and fixed my sin life. He totally wiped it off my slate when He sent Jesus who took my sins with Him when He died on the cross.

Thank you, Lord, that I know and accept the redemptive power You sent to me through your Son, Jesus. Thank you that this gift is available to all mankind, just for the asking. You are a loving and generous God!

Contributed by Marion Smith

The bible states on 3 occasions that "salvation is of the Lord"

What can wash away my stain??? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

We can be glad that the salvation of men does not rest with men......"It is of the Lord" Because of this fact, we can be confident. Knowing this that we can trust the Lord.

"It is better to trust the Lord than to have confidence in me" Trusting in Jesus.......... we rest our lives upon a rock.

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