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Repentive Bride

The Repentive Bride

Her beauty was only matched by the love he had for her. She was his bride. He would give all he had for her. All he asked in return is for her love and devotion. Her love was not a problem for her to give. Her devotion on the other hand was harder to give. She was very devoted to her job. For if she didn’t work, she would not have money. She was also very devoted to her mother and father. She would spend a lot of time at their house. When she would go home to be with her husband. She would do her chores and watch a little television. So that left her with fifteen minuets to spend with her husband. He still loved her unconditionally and he would never leave her.

On day she realized she had became complacent. She did not know if her husband loved her anymore. She started to doubt if he would even be home when she got there. She wondered if he ever loved her. If all he told her was even true. Her mother tried to tell her that it was because she did not spend enough time with him. But she was sure it was all his fault somehow. One morning she woke up packed her bag and left. His heart was broken. All he did was love her. He did not understand why she did not love him. Through all this he still loved her as much as the first day they had met.

He waited for years until the day she came back. She apologized and asked for his forgiveness and all he did was say no explanation, no excuses I love you and today is our new beginning. Nothing happened before today. From that day forward she made time for her groom. And in her new found devotion she realized how much he loved her and she loved him. And through that love all she thought she needed was given to her. Not only that but more than she could have ever imagined. All through the love and devotion she gave to him.

This is what Jesus does for us we are the bride and he is the groom. All he asks is that we give our love and devotion to him. But like the bride we are to busy with life. So we become complacent, and we start to doubt if Jesus loves us. Then we question if he is real. But most of all we blame him when things don’t go our way. So we walk away from him. We expect life to be better without him. When it is not we finally realize it was we who had the problem. We go back to Jesus with a repentive heart and he says what the groom said No explanations, no excuses. I love you today is our new beginning. Nothing happened before today.

So we have to do like the bride did make time for Jesus. Then we will understand how much he loves us and how much we love him. Then all we need and more will come only through our love and devotion. Jesus loves us and we need to show him we love him. By spending time in prayer and reading his word. Then and only then can we be blessed.
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Please use paragraphing structure to make it easier for the audience to read :)

God bless you
Thank you for the tip I am still learning.

I am more than a conqueror
Romans 8:37
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Hi pottersclay: Like brother Chad said... paragraphing structure is a lot easier to read:)

Anyway i liked what you posted, thats a real nice story.

God bless you Sister
Hi Sister :thumbs_up

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Like that Sister...

God bless you :present:
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really nice story... thank you for sharing that. Nice reminder.... its easy to get complacent and distracted. But God's love is really awesome. It draws us back to Him.
Fantastic and thoughtful story! God bless You dear. Even we should be more holy as He is holy. When others see us, they should recognize us as Mrs. Jesus. Are we like that? If world hated Jesus, they will hate us too. They will avoid us too. They will say bad about you. But let us move forward as Jesus loved us and forgave the sinners. Let us also love and forgive others. As Jesus had the connection to the Father, let us also always be talkign to God the Father and His son Jesus with the help of Holy Spirit.

Thank you, Pottersclay!!

That was inspiring and uplifting. Also convicting as well. You did a awesome job and I think that you have a gift in writing. So if it is God's will, go for it.