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Repentance- the forgotten word

Repentance - means to quit doing something. It actually means do the opposite of what you were doing before. Go the opposite way. Do a 180 degree turn from what you were doing.

The funny thing about repentance... no one else can repent for you.
Jesus can forgive you IF you repent, God can cleanse you IF you repent - 1Jn 1:9;
The Holy Spirit can save you IF you repent. But none of those persons repent for you.

Of course Jesus preached repentance - Matt 4:17; Mark 1:15; Luke 13:3; Luke 13:5;
John the baptist preached repentance - Matt 3:2;
The disciples preached repentance - Mark 6:12;

Jesus went so far as to denounce the people who did not repent - Matt 11:20;

Peter said - Repent (and be baptized in Jesus name) for the forgiveness of sins. ( Acts 2:38; )
Without repentance, there
is no forgiveness. ( Heb 10:26; )

Peter says "repent" - so that your sins may be forgiven (Acts 3:19; )

God Himself "declares to ALL men everywhere should repent". ( Acts 17:30; Rev 3:19; )

Repentance isn't just for the Jews, even Gentiles have to repent ( Acts 26:20; )

Repentance for the forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed to ALL nations, not just the Jews ( Luke 24:47; )

The Lord wishes ALL men to come to repentance ( 2 Pet 3:9; )

Repentance isn't a suggestion, it's a requirement. Without repentance there is no salvation. ( Luke 13:3; Luke 13:5; )
This doesn't mean we will automatically stop doing any sin at all. ( Prov 24:16; )
But it does mean we need to strive ( Luke Luke 13:24; 1 Tim 4:10; ) not to.

Repentance isn't usually a one time thing. In fact, if you find yourself doing the same sins
over and over again, you haven't really repented yet.

Some say repentance is a "change of mind". But this isn't really correct.
I've heard people say, unless you believe something is wrong, you won't want to change.
But the believe what they are doing IS wrong, and they keep doing it.
Even Paul said he did this in Romans 6 and 7.
No, you can believe that smoking cigarettes is bad for you. You can believe that eating too much sugar is bad for you.
But unless you actually quit doing those things, you haven't repented.

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