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Remember Lot's Wife (Genesis 19v.26)

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In this passage of holy scripture
we see God pouring out His wrath
on those disobedient to His will
refusing to walk in His path

Lot's wife was one who did this
told by angels as part of family of Lot
she knew as much as the rest
but as she lingered back she was caught

In a moment judgement was cast
that human frame became as salt
standing like a pillar so straight
this was her own silly fault

She wanted the world and it's desires
instead of being enclosed in God's safe hold
such is the folly of ungodly thinking
as sin enters in keeping you out cold

So remember Lot's wife turned to salt
for holding on to this world's value
which will not survive at the end
only trust in Christ will eternally do

Author Notes
'But Lot's wife, behind him, looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.' Genesis 19 v. 26 (ESV)

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