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Rely with Quote

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New Member
Don't know where to ask this question so first please accept my apologize if this question is in the wrong place.

The question is when you "Rely with Quote" how can you do a partial Quote, just a section of it, without deleting?

New Member
I will try to explain what I am saying, not to good at this.

In the counseling forum, Coconut wrote a reply to a post and a piece of it caught my attention. When I "reply with quote" it quoted the whole section of what Coconut said, so I deleted most of it. I wanted a particular piece to stand out because it is the heart of a message.

Is there a way to do this, instead of quoting the whole thing, which everyone can read for themselves, and just quote a piece of it that caught your attention.

Staff member
Highlight the text you want to quote, the click the colored highlighter icon to the bottom right of that user's post.
Trishann: Here's how I do it. When you click to reply with quote, you will see the entire post beginning with "QUOTE" bracketed ([ and ]) and ending with "/QUOTE" (also bracketed). the QUOTE preceeded by a backward slash (/) means "End Quote". You can move the brackets ( [ or ]) with your cursor.I backspace the ] bracket at the end of the post to the end of the portion I wish to quote. Then I move my cursor to the beginning of the portion I wish to quote and backspace to the QUOTE, i.e. QUOTE=Trishann;137810, at the beginning of the post.That completed, I type "Enter" on the keyboard to move down a line or two to type my message. There must be an [ bracket at the front of your quote and an ] bracket at the end.

I hope this helps.

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New Member
There's actually an simple way to do this. If i know got it right what you are looking for.

The question is when you "Rely with Quote" how can you do a partial Quote, just a section of it, without deleting?

I selected the text you wrote and clicked the button which looks like this:

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