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Religion in Hollywood

Praise god im here to talk to you all another day.

Well im wondering if anyone caught the "CNN People In The News" special last night.It was about Religion in Hollywood.It was very intresting to watch.To see how Kirk Cameron went from this huge TV star,to this great christian actor.I think hes done a real good job on the left behind films.Then they had a segment of the producer of the X-Men films was also a born again christian.And how it had some religious themes in the film with the character Nightcrawler.But over all it was very great to watch.

I guess the only thing that worrys me is that alot of films in hollywood these days have no messege to them.It would be wonderful for alot of them to have a religious messege to them..but just in general they lack a good one.I guess the only way for a christian film to cross over to a huge market is to have a a huge actor who is a christian star in it.Like "The Passion Of The Christ" which was directed by Mel Gibson.But over all i hope to see more films like this on the big screen one day

Have a blessed day everyone.

Yes, i agree, Gods country,
i would LOVE to see more morally sound and christian movies and film work going on.
i find it very hard to go to the cinema these days, as most of the movies, i find to be un-entertaining for me.
i heard that 'one night with the king', tommy tenneys book was meant to be made into a film and released in march this year. any ideas? i have been looking out for it, but have'nt seen hide-nor-hair of it.

Good post, anyway.
Jesu bless you
oh yea..here goes a link to prove its coming out in the fall Its the third one down.

Have a blessed day.

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New Christian film coming out

There is a new film out, it is called the Chronicles of Narnia. The Passion being a big box office smash sent Hollywood a message.

I agree, there are some Christian actors out there like Kirk Cameron, his wife Chelsea Noble, his sister Candace Cameron (DJ from the old show FULL HOUSE) Mr T, Barbara Mandrell, Cheryl Ladd. I think too many times though when Christians are portrayed on tv and in films, they are made to look like idots, unfottunately. Anyone agree? I'd like to hear from you.