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I'd like to ask a question regarding Christianity. Unfortunately, I got divorced a few years ago now and I am unsure of what the bible is teaching in relation to any relationships moving forward. I know I am not meant to marry again, but does that mean being a divorced man I am not allowed to have a relationship with a woman again including intimacy etc, and I am bound to be on my own in terms of relationships for the rest of my life? I take my salvation seriously and I do Jesus, but I'll be honest I am unsure of the above.
You know the answer. When in doubt, is it worth it. NO! If you are trying to find a loop hole, you will find one. With millions to back you up! Take the narrow path. The hard way! If you get alone with them. The Flesh is going to wrestle against The Spirit. Period. Stay Holy! Pure, Sanctified! Simple! It is worth it.