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Relationship with my gf

Discussion in 'Counseling' started by Jamie, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. I have been in a relationship with my Christian gf since May and since then there has been many arguments mainly due to bad communication from both parts. My gf finds it hard to speak out and holds it in but when it gets too much she explodes and it all comes out. Iam several years older than her and been a christain longer also. I do have learning difficulties, where I don't think before I speak or what comes out does not come across right and that in return has caused arguments. Yet we do manage to solve things and get through it but seems like it's every month lol.

    I'm worried as I feel I can't be myself and have to tip toe around her also to the fact we attend different churches does not help. We have been talking about marriage and I'm concerned that when we do get married that choosing what church to attend is going be difficult,as I feel that my gf is determined to stay at her church and not listen to me or God and I feel she gets influenced by her mentor who's the pastors wife.

    What shall I do ?
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  2. Either find someone else who will do exactly as you wish, or compromise some. Glad to pray.

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