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So dirty right now.
So dirty that only God can love me
Ruined relationships,
Broken dreams.

I run to You
Tears in my eyes
My white garments, juxtapose the colors of my heart.

You wrap your arms around me
I'm bawling
Your holding me up

You take a pouch
out of my hand.

A clutch sized hobo bag

Out of it you pull out sexual disorders
Pornography addiction,
Jealousy afflictions,
Coming out as far as I can see.

Everything attached like a
chiffon scarf made out of demons,
Burning soon as it touches the air.

I am out of breath,
I didn't know how much attachment
to these things that there must be.

Hold me,
You still hold me.
You can have what you desire now.
you stroke my hair,
I'm weak with comfort
I can sleep
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Beautifully, brutally honest piece of writing. It's a good thing God chooses to listen to our hearts rather than our thoughts sometimes. Ha! But for real. Peace