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Redefine Marriage to Accommodate Adultery

Should Marriage Be Redefined To Accommodate Adultery?

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Staff Member
PLEASE NOTE: the following is entirely fictitious and is presented simply for consideration and as a means to stir us up to examine ourselves in the light of it's content.

It is proposed that we should redefine marriage in order to accommodate adultery.

This might come as a shock to some but really, it shouldn't.

Marriage has long been a sacred and intimate union of man and woman, protected by their love for one another, offering fidelity and trust. However, today, since there are so many whose marriages come and go and remarriage is the normal way of life, even in the more religious circles, we have come to a place where marriage really should be redefined.

By redefinition of marriage, we will provide a much less hostile and by far safer agreement between the couples who go so far as to engage in marriage. What is proposed is a new or addition clause to the vows taken by those who are getting married. Adultery should be tolerated and excused with understanding and no consequence and action taken on the grounds of adultery will no long hold up in court. This way, when either party embarks on the road of adultery, neither will be all that fussed and no harm will be done, as understanding and well-meaning couples can go on as if nothing happened.

It is predicted that this will help keep marriages together. While there appears no bullet proof recipe for marriage to last out the lives of the married couple, at least this proposed new legislation can provide more scope and help reduce heart-ache and that gut awful feeling of rejection and betrayal.

According to statistics, most professing Christians don't have a huge problem with sin and even go so far as to accommodate it in their every day life. For this reason, it has been proposed that at least in marriage, the sin of adultery should be wavered. The common cry being that, "we all do it" and "it is part of our nature" has made way for this groundbreaking and revolutionizing change in the way we approach marriage.

Never again need anyone be upset in the slightest if they discover their spouse has been entertaining other men or women, either physically or with their eyes and thoughts. In fact, studies show that by introducing this new concept and through education and time, such things as being unfaithful, of doing the dirty on someone, of not loving and not being committed, can be things of the past.

Researchers also predict a sharp rise in the number of marriages that will last the years and a proportional decline in divorce rate, saving the economy millions of dollars per year. Families will also benefit from the savings in a different way. Rather than going to court and going through the very tedious and often nasty process of divorce, couples now can save that money and put it better use. Something like a happy holiday where they can renew their vows and remember that it doesn't really matter, we all do it, and live happily ever after!

Some more extreme religious groups have protested such a change suggesting it is heinous and must never happen. Of course these proponents also take literally everything written n the Bible and stand firm that all sin is sin and we must uphold the ways of our ancestors and keep the future safe. Never, they say, should we mess with the sacred matrimony.

"Excuse sin all you like but letting adultery into marriages of man and woman, NO WAY!"

Anger may break out in some areas of the country with protestors have gathering in droves carrying placards and shouting disgust against these revolutionary and freeing changes.

Meanwhile, in most churches where they agreed to take polls, there was an overwhelming consensus to the change. One leader stated that due to the more modern thought regarding sin as being such an everyday occurrence, that the whole topic of sin had to be redefined. Too many were leaving the churches feeling that they were being judged for their actions that they complained they had no control over and unanimously agreed that because God is good, He will continue to forgive their sins, so long as they did their best and tried to stop. He (God) understood and made a way for them through grace.

It is envisaged that other members of the community will welcome the proposed changes, as it will help battle the problem of issues arising from promiscuity. It can be seen as a mature step taken by the churches and should be agreed that this will help break down the strong barriers that still remain between the opposing parts of society. Also, those in the community that treat women as a subspecies will no doubt see this as a bonus as it will help them continue their adulterous ways without any comeback from the more orthodox religious groups and individuals. Their wives of course will probably not have such liberty but proosers of this change are committesd to make it fair for all members of society, regardless of their gender or religious beliefs. More and tougher laws may be in the pipeline, which should allow all married people to share their bed and heart with others. A huge step forward in furthering the very thing the world needs... love, sweet love.

Changing laws helps people to change their thinking and that rolls on to being able to accommodate each other's desires and interests, which is vital for our children as they grow and to learn and celebrate life to it's fullest in this war torn world.

As those proposing the changes confidently suggest, statistics show that faithfulness to God and reverence for His Son, Who gave His own live for the Church is not a priority any more. Any adultery committed in our relationship with the One Who is returning to collect His Bride is of no real consequence. Fidelity with and towards Jesus Christ and our marriage to Him is debatable and able to be ignored and even shunned in 2018 so why not extend this to the celebration of marriage and the life long vows between man and woman?

What is you opinion?

Make of it what you will, but this is what we are doing daily... suggesting we ought to legalize the adultery of unfaithfulness to the Lord. Sin has become a dirty word unless it comes with acceptance and understanding. The Blood of Christ is belittled, shed for our sin, of little or no real value as we continue to endorse the actions of all who commit sin based on Gods Kindness, Compassion and Grace and blacklist all who don't.
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Sadly, infidelity has become more accepted as a lesser sin even among christians. Its looked upon like sexuality... as long as you keep it private, its okay. But in my heart, a sin is a sin is a sin and it is no better than homosexuality.
1 Cor 6:9; Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals,
1 Cor 6:10; nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.

Heb 13:4; Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

It really doesn't matter what laws men and society make. They don't over-ride God's laws.
Staff Member
This way, when either party embarks on the road of adultery, neither will be all that fussed and no harm will be done, as understanding and well-meaning couples can go on as if nothing happened.

And all the pain, hurt and rejection negated no doubt.

And love is subtracted and replaced by lust

And the word of God becomes nothing......

Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together let not man put asunder.
Matthew 19:6

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