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Recommendations - September 17, 2005

When my husband and I were going through a rough period with our teenagers several years ago, someone recommended that I check out the book, "Life Strategies For Teens," by Jay McGraw, son of the popular TV host, Dr. Phil McGraw. Mind you, this is not a book for parents, but rather for 'teens.'

What I really liked about the book was that it is worded in language that young people can relate to. This is definitely not a blame-your-parents or an oh-poor-me-book, but one that offers practical advice and sound words of wisdom, helping teens to stand their own.

There is another book I must also recommend. It is the ultimate self-help book which first requires our yielding to a power greater than our own: God. While the Bible tells the tale of past civilizations, we are also given the sweetest spiritual food: the keys to peace, joy and salvation.

Just as a key does no good unless it unlocks something, so too must the Bible be opened, read and applied to our hearts and minds so that we may live more abundantly.

Contributed by Melanie Schurr

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