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Rebuilding Babylon “Oneness”

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Defund Politicians

COVID-19 - the scapegoat to divide and control humanity

How sad that our young generation of protesters marching against racial injustice and police brutality lack the wisdom to identify the real protest they should be marching and shouting for: defunding politicians.

The current protest movement spotlights national police brutality against blacks, with the call to defund police. These protestors are looking at the bottom of the barrel and see police as the biggest threat to society. Yes, the corrupt police unions across America seem to give our hired public servants unlimited power with no recourse for the widespread targeting and brutality against blacks and others. Ask yourself, who gives these police unions and their police/patrol officers their marching orders?

To answer that question you most go back in time and look into the history of the Civil War. It was the northern states under the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln that declared war against the southern democrat confederate states to abolish slavery in America. These democrat confederates refused to support the abolishment of slavery. After all, those who supported slavery were white supremest slave owners. They relied on slave labor to increase their wealth and power.

After the Civil War ended and slavery was abolished, the southern democrat confederate states refused to embrace or follow the new rule of law declaring blacks the entitlement to the same justice, freedom and opportunity as whites. They quickly established their secret Klu Klux Klan society to insure that blacks would remain oppressed and under the rule of whites.

For the past 150 years, the white democrat politicians have been oppressing the blacks through segregation, racism, and the total denial for blacks the right to live free with access to the same opportunities and privileges as whites. They even donated statues of confederate hero’s to be placed in our nation’s capital.

One of their crowning achievements was blocking the black’s ability to rise up by enslaving them into welfare programs and ghetto housing projects far from affluent white communities. They denied blacks access to affluent schools and universities, and strategically placed Planned Parenthood facilities in black communities and encouraged blacks to murder their unborn babies - all designed to insure that black Americans could not rise up to be equal with white Americans.

Then the modern democrats entered a new realm. Their earlier experiments of oppressing and suppressing blacks proved so successful that they expanded their experiment to include suppressing ALL Americans under a new name: democrat liberal progressivism, latter to be called democrat liberal progressive socialism. They cleverly rose to greater power by creating an extreme liberal agenda that would encourage Americans to indulge in a Godless, diverse ideological religion of political correctness to bring both liberals and conservatives into the bondage of their well controlled Marxist religion.

First on the list was the abolishment of prayer in schools, removal of all moral teaching in the educational institutions, government and society. Second was to promote the liberation of free sex and abortions for all. Next came the promotion of LGBT tolerance and acceptance in the workplace and society, followed by the promotion of same sex marriage rights and criminalizing anyone who objects. Then the most extreme yet: the removal of gender distinction and definitions, promoting this “neutral humanity” under the guise of equality for all, except for those with a moral compass, who quickly became demonized. The PC police became the priests of their newfound religion. New laws were established to punish any would-be detractors labeled as heretics of this democrat police state.

The deeper layers of this Democrat liberal progressive socialist agenda reveals the hidden push for the total control of society. They created the great divide among the people by condemning conservatives who cling to their moral compass and beliefs by using the pro liberal progressive owners of mainstream media, Hollywood and the music industry to control their narrative and to sway people to their corrosive ideology. They mastered the art of delusion through endless propaganda - generating false news and unfounded accusations against their opponents to further the divide. And of course, they had leading scientists and professors on their side to promote their ideology.

All the while, they brought an influx of illegal immigrants, primarily Hispanics, to become the new modern slave force, pushed new agendas and laws that ensure more power over society through fear, such as climate change, and they use every bad situation as an opportunity to gain more power for themselves.

What greater example is there than the COVID-19 pandemic? All major cities in America are ruled and governed by liberal progressives. With the state’s Emergency Act clause, they were given unlimited power to lockdown the country under their terms, not the people’s, and without any varied scientific facts regarding this new virus strain. This so-called apocalyptic pandemic caused massive unemployment, destabilization of the economy, loss of freedoms, closures of all schools, universities, religious institutions, and the closure of any and all businesses and activities deemed “non-essential.”

Then came the civil unrest and uprising after the death of a black man, George Floyd, under the knee of a white police officer during the pandemic lockdown. Another great opportunity for the liberal progressives! What do you do with millions of young people unable to attend school? Give them a blessing to protest. They quickly ordered all Democrat mayors and governors to step aside and allow all the young people to freely protest during the pandemic lockdown, and to stand idle during rioting and lawlessness. Suddenly the pandemic and the risks associated with mass gatherings spreading the virus was of no concern to the democrat liberal progressive politicians. Everyone else was ordered to follow the social distancing and health safety measures. While the world focused in shock and horror of the lawlessness and riots nationally and around The world, the democrat liberal progressive politicians rose up united to play the hero against the very racism they created.

Meanwhile, the youth involved in the civil uprising against police brutality against blacks have not taken any time to learn from history. Corrupt police officers are getting their marching orders much higher up the barrel. Set your sights at the top where all the corruption flows downward. The democrats support and allow corrupt police unions. Remember, they started the black oppression and suppression.

The modern day democrat slave owners are still waiving the old confederate flag, only the stars have been replaced with dollar signs. Who are these modern day slave owners?

Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, mainstream media owners, titans of the Hollywood and music industry, Starbucks, hi-tech companies, fashion and clothing giants, conglomerate CEO’s of finance, energy industry, agriculture, foods and pharmaceutical companies. The list goes on an on.

The invited guests of these modern day slave owners are the politicians (slave masters). They don’t care what party they identify with. They will prostitute themselves with any politician willing to do their bidding to ensure that their wealth increases.

So young protestor, set your sights much higher than the police officers. Defund corrupt politicians. Remove their salaries, their staff, their mansions, their back room deals, their multi-million dollar bank accounts and their private jets. Make them hold a self supporting day job like the rest of us. After all, they are public servants just like police officers, right. But unlike the lowly police officers, Corrupt politicians are the ones pulling all the strings and giving the marching orders to continue pushing their gospel of oppression to the lower classes. So make the politicians serve US, not the elite slave owners.