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Really, Really Need Your Prayers

hey this is papa, things have gotten tougher for me and my wife. This whole divorce thing is way out of hand. She has been saved for 34 years. She admitted to me that she doesn't trust God anymore that he won't help to heal our marriage. Unfortunately she will not listen to me, i've sought help of friends and my church who told me there was nothing they could do. any ideas? or advise or wisdom? would be greatly appreciated. God Bless. Papa
Gosh Papa, you are in a tough spot. I can just recommend that you continue to pray for her. Just reminder her that she cannot base her feelings how on she feels right now, God is faithful regardless of how she feels.
Keep us posted.
I'm sorry if I missed an earlier description of the specifics of what was wrong in your marriage....but may I ask if she has a particular reason for thinking that God won't heal it? Has she felt "disappointed" before?

I will be in prayer for you Papa & want to remind both you & your wife that spiritual breakthroughs often come after one has walked thru a difficult time. This might be such a time for your wife. I want to re-emphasize what others have said about praying for her. You are given spiritual authority in your home by God Himself. The enemy that is attempting to attack your home is aware of that authority. Pray for her in that authority - that her eyes will be opened spiritually & that she will see & hear the Truth. Also pray that she hear only those things of God.

Never write anyone off...there is always something that can be done. We might say "even if it's only prayer". BUT...that is THE most important thing that can be done. If someone has told you they have given up on her...forget about confiding in them any longer. That is not the measure of faith you need right now. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but people impose limits...not God.
Hi papabear. .. we are people and wantingtobedoers. . .God is actually doing!
He does expect us to turn over all of our problems. . . thats our Job!
He is not deaf!
He is just doing things his way!
This might be more a spiritual warfare test for your wife. . . a midlife crises. .. it might not even have nothing to do with you. . .because she chooses not to listen anymore. . .WELL:
God will raise his children. . . sometimes we have to land with the face in the mudpuddle
But you know what. . . he is always there to clean up after the mess, too :love:

So Papa: Do your Job, live right before God, turn to him in prayer and make wise decisions according to his word. . . may his Holy Spirit guide you and protect you both!
Papabear, I will be in much prayer for you! Keep waiting on God, He will provide the answer, and when He does you will be so glad you trusted Him! If God could heal my broken marriage, (and He so wonderfully did!) I know without a shadow of a doubt He can heal yours!

Psa 27:14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.
Pro 20:22 Say not thou, I will recompense evil; [but] wait on the LORD, and he shall save thee.
Papabear, I pray that God will speak to your wife's heart about this matter. I will be praying for you as well.......just keep trusting God~~ he will come through! :rainbow:
Papabear ...still praying...keep your eyes upon Him! :love:

From time long past I am God, and from this day I am he: there is no one who is able to take you out of my hand: when I undertake a thing, by whom will my purpose be changed? Isa 43:13
Dear Heavenly Father,
Lord I come humbly before you right now and ask that you move your mighty hand in this situation. I lift Papa and his wife up to asking that you will have your way, and settle his pain. Bring them together in your name to give it to you. Touch their minds dear Lord, and minister to their hearts as they struggle in this time of need. Help Papabear to be strong in your name, your word, and your will. Give them your light to hold on to while they wait for your answer. May you bless them with your truth, in Jesus' name I pray,

God Bless you brother, it will be ok!
I promise. God knows and thats all that matters.
Sis in Christ:love: