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Really need prayer..

I have a major prayer request. Please pray for peace over my soul. I have been thinking a lot of the past, and been feeling guilt for things that went on in my past (nothing horrible or anything) and I just need prayer that I can get over my past, and move on to my future.

Another thing, Please pray for me and my situation with my mom. She sent me a text message asking me to never talk to her again. I miss my little sister a lot. I do hope that she wont forget me. So, as you can see, I really need some prayers. Thank you all so much.
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Heavenly father I praise you, for you are always near. Our tears you catch with your hands, our burdens you take away.

Father I ask that you comfort Journey, Lord give her the mind of Christ, let her know the freedom she has, let her stand on the truth that there is no condemnation for those in Christ. I come against every deceiving spirit that's trying to steal my sister's joy and peace. In the mighty name of Jesus
I plead the blood of Jesus over her, right now, touch her with your love. Let her feel you, and believe in you. Give her rigteousness ,peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit.

Lord Soften her mother's heart, remove all malice and unforgiveness, bring this family together right now. Break the chains, remove the curse, let your light shine down on their home.

Bless them now lOrd, let your peace surround her now.
Praise your name, all glory to you.

Now is the time to worship, worship your heavenly father.
Lord, Heavenly Father, I pray that you bless Journey in her time of need. I pray, that her mother forgives her for any wrong doing, and that they can once again, live together and love one another.

I pray, for your blessings on this family Lord. I pray, that your loving and guiding presence surround them all in this hard time. I ask this, in Jesus's name. Amen
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I shall be praying and ask you to believe in the love of God in Christ Jesus for you, for now and the future and the past, for every moment of every day, to believe in His Love and care for you.....

Bless you,

Br. Bear

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