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Realization(sweet redemption)

What a dark and gloomy day it must have seemed
As the one we love was hanging on that tree
Pouring out His life in gushes of bloody streams
At the top of His voice he yelled out 'it's finish'
Who could it be on that cross
It's looks like the Son of God
The veils been torn in two
Redemption has been bought
The wall of separation has been broken down
The price has been paid
Now im yours(2x)
Now im yours(2x)
Bought with the blood of Christ im yours

(it's a song)
Ooooooohh, dragonball Z, my favorite cartoon, my favorite character is not piccalo though, Vegeta is, but I dont wacth tv, cartoon much anymore, trying to focus on God more, and get into His word more, the Bible