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Real or Reflected

Staff Member
Real or Reflected

Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness." Genesis 1:26

The kids were jumping up and down, trying to get every adult in the place to look out the window at their new discovery. Wow! A field full of ‘diamonds’?! The reason for all those ‘gems’, a reflection of the sun as it shone on the ice crystals in the snow. The sparkle and glitter was definitely dazzling.

As my husband and I were walking home after dinner later that evening, I was amazed at the number of stars we could see. With few streetlights, the stars, planets, even the milky way were breathtakingly beautiful. And a crescent moon. Perfect! The moon is visible most nights, and some days. Yet it has no light of its own. What we see is reflected light from the sun.

One of the loveliest spots in the United States, to me, is the lake at Maroon Bells in Colorado. Especially in early autumn, when the aspen trees are brassy gold. We have some photographs where it is almost impossible to tell which is the reflection in the lake, and which is the mountains and the trees.

People shine, too. Sometimes because of our own efforts. Yet humanism is not the best light we produce. The most lit up we are is when we are reflecting Jesus. No doubt about it, the shekinah glory, ‘Son’ light is reflection of the purest, finest, and brightest of God’s light. What a great way to effortlessly shine, and maybe attract others to the Real Light - not just the reflection.