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Reading vs Audio

I am a great reader however, I have been listening to lots of books of the Bible that I normally wouldn't be able to sit & read being busy as I can be at times. Do you feel that reading the Bible versus Listening to the Bible is much different?

Would I get a better interpretation if I were to read rather than listening I guess is what I'm asking.
Hi LordKnows,

This is just my opinion, see the Word of God, hear the Word of God and write the Word of God in our heart! Just like studying anything else, when you read, hear and take notes, you can remember it better. But God really wants a personal relationship with you, its not all about just knowing the words. Prayer, meditation, praise and worship too. Not all the time but sometimes I have read the Bible along with a Audio reading it for me, also taking notes along the way. By doing this it help to remember what God is saying to us. Well I think it helps. Sometime my eye's get so tired from reading and I just lessen to the Audio, I even remember time at night as I was laying in bed lessening to Bible scriptures and waking up in the morning still hearing Bible scriptures, how nice it is hearing the Word of God first thing as you wake up. But what ever way you get to learn the Word of God, praise God, for he is in your life and your taking a active choice to learn and know Him better. What ever way you get to know the scriptures here are some questions you should ask your self, when one is calling out to you. What did this Scripture mean when it was written? What is the timeless truth behind what God is saying? How does it apply now to me? I hope this help you.

With all the Honor, Glory and Praise to God,
I firmly believe that the "spoken" word has more power than read words. Read word affect the reader but spoken words affect all who hear, both physical and spiritual.
Let all of your natural senses be involved as much as you can. When I do may daily Bible reading, I always, whenever I reasonably can, try to read out loud to myself rather than silently. I learned for me anyway long ago that more of it stuck.

When I make trips in the car by myself I have a set of CDs of the Bible that I will play as I am driving. This is not a good as my daily readings at home, but it is coming at from a different direction and is certainly not wasted.

We need to consume more and more of Him on a daily basis. We don't forget the natural meat and potatoes and ice cream that the old body is always wanting. Eating a little more of His flesh is always a good thing.

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you." John 6:53
Reading vs audio, reading!

I can focus easier when I read vs listening to someones annoying voice.

Are you referring literally to an audio reading of the bible or also with respect to receiving teaching?
Reading vs audio, reading!

I can focus easier when I read vs listening to someones annoying voice.

Are you referring literally to an audio reading of the bible or also with respect to receiving teaching?
Do you consider other peoples voices annoying? (too bad I cant say this in a screechy voice).
Doing both is helpful,I see it like taking holy ground so I use every weapon at my disposal.

When I first started I read straight through in about a week and wow.
I had some weird dreams and things going on in my brains and like a million questions.
I went to a Catholic school and they focus mostly on the four gospels.
I really struggled with all the different theologies and belief systems because Jesus was so
different than anyone before or after him.Whenever I struggle I get back to the gospels to get centered on "the one whom God sent".
I don't understand most of what Jesus said so I listen to the gospels on the go.
Than usually gives me something to research when I can get time to read.

The gospel of John is my favorite but I like psalms and proverbs also.
I like to hear John chapter 17 over and over again.
I got tired of chasing belief systems and adopted a belief goal instead.
That goal is to "believe on the one whom God sent".
That would mean to believe that Jesus's prayer to the Father in John 17 was answered.
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“So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.” Romans‬ ‭10:17‬ ‭

I love reading the Bible with the traditional paper back book, on my phone or on my computer. I enjoy listening to the audio Bible as well on the phone while driving or in bed quietly. We're blessed to have all these different ways to receive the word of God, especially from a Bible-based preacher at church without fear of persecution.

The audio Bible is definitely a blessing and I find myself more focused when I hear something out loud compared to reading quietly and being distracted by random thoughts on my mind. This is a common problem for many.