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Reading the Hebrew Bible

Im just wondering if anyone at all, could spread some light on the subject, with regards to reading the bible (OT) in Hebrew.

Just I have heard bits here and there that today’s English transcripts are missing writings and can lack the wording and depth in the writings of the bible. (I am aware that there are passages in the bible that talk against changing of scriptures and that God would not allow it). Forgive me but I can’t recall where.

- Some Hebrew words don’t have an equal counterpart in the English language.

- Later transcribe bibles can alter the words to today’s wordings, which may have similar but not exact meanings

- Some books have or writings have been taken out. Due to the fact that a “religious leader” at the time did not agree with it.

- Much earlier transcripts list dates of certain events.

Im not quite sure if these are accurate or not, simply things that I have heard and read.

Just this started to interest me when a close friend talked about a local pastor that read from the Hebrew bible and mentioned that it was much more detailed and could get a greater understanding from its words.

If anyone can or has knowledge with regards to reading from Hebrew bible I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for you time

You’re Brother in Christ