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Read through the bible in a year.

I'm actually gonna try the reading plan that lets you read the entire bible in a year by just setting 30 minutes aside per day. So far i'm keeping with it for the past three days i'll tell you when i finally finish it.
At our church we have pamphlets called "Daily Walk" which sounds very similar to what you're doing :)
Staff Member
I never bought one of those "One Year Bible" but they are getting popular now and rightfully so. It makes it easier on the eyes for an unbeliever and believer alike knowing that you can read the entire Bible in just a year! Its awesome and sounds so too.
Bible in a year

You can read through the Bible in a year with any Bible that you normally use to read, Just read at least 5 Chapters a day, or 6 if they are short ones.

With the exception of Psalm 119, which is extremely long , you might want to break it up over 2 days.

Some of the Bible in a year type programs have you to read 2 Chapters from the old testament , 2 from the new and then one from the Psalm's, Daily.
It does not really matter if you read it straight through or if you break it up, but Basically 5 Chapters a day will get you through the Bible in a year.
Good luck with this plan! It's definitely a fine endeavor to try to read Bible as a whole, and to read and understand God according to the Scriptures that He's given! I'll definitely be in prayer, feel free to reach out if you ever need anything.
I have herd Dr Bernet say it takes a 72 hrs to read the bible cover to cover, and we should have all read it cover to cover as many times as we are old,