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If you are specifically talking about Christian hip hop / rap than that is fine. If they use it to praise and worship GOD in that musical style GOD bless them the same.

If you are talking about secular rap / hip hop please watch what you say. I 100% positely do not and will not welcome anything secular in that form or another.

This site is all about Jesus and everything related to Jesus in a glorious to GOD kind of way.
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Rap is Crap ! I agree ! But I do have some Christian rap . John Reuben is the only christian rap I own . Mike

ok, KJ52.. altho not rap, is good.. christian 2.. lol..

but no, i dont really like rap.. tho there are a few songs i can listen 2.. but as chad sed, it has 2 b Christian.. i am SO over secular music!!
my opinion on rap:
rap is cool as long as it is used to glorify god. i wrote this:

I got a best friend
and His name is JC
and because I love Him so much
I be rappin' to the beat.

Well...He died for me upon the cross
and rose again in three days.
His value is much greater
than that of all the stuff on eBay.
i LOVE rap,
and music in general.
hope to talk to you some more around the site, as we seem to have things in common!!!
Hey you guys, I just recently listened to some Christian rap, and it's amazing, I love it,there's this band called the Crossmovment, and they are amazing. Check them out, you'll like it!
ibuado said:
hey im new to this site. is any one into rap in here or am i the only one

Hi, I don't know what kind of rap your into but you could try these bands out

Try Grits or t-bone there both really good. Try thousand foot krutch or toby mac if your wanting rap mixed with rock.


about rap music..

I like rap music, very much indeed. I think that music is art, something that represents people`s ideas, thoughts and feelings, a way to express yourself, and rap music is music as any other kinds are. It`s true that many of the rap stars do use strong language in their songs, or view ungodly things, but this certainly does not mean that rap music in itself would be wrong. Anyways, I`m not sure, but I guess that basically it`s ok to listen rap or any other music, even if it would contain some things that wouldn`t be very christian-like, as long as you don`t let yourself submit into thinking that those things are right, which you know in your heart are wrong. You`ve got to do reality checks time by time, so you wouldn`t fall into a trap.. we live in a world, but we shall not become "worldly".
i listen to rap, Ibuado, but only Christian rap, when i listen to music, I dont let the intruments of it be the only reason I listen, but the lyrics, whats being said. Because the intruments could be sounding awesome, but the lyrics of it is void, than the song isnt good at all, like worldly music.
Cross movement is really amazing, its a (rap) band thats really focused on bringing the message of Jesus Christ
personally i dont like rap music, idk i just dont like rap music, but i am no hard feelings on people who love rap music, well i am more of a ROCK ON person, rock n' roll is my music
i love christian rap
my fav. christian rapper is Da Truth from crossmovement
i love anything by crossmovement
i like K Drama
Lil Irocc
corey red and precise
and lots of other rappers :icon_biggrin:
I had been praying for a long time for the Lord to reveal Christian hip hop artists that I would like and he most definitely did. One of the artists is Shai Linne; he's amazing. His labelmate, Timothy Brindle, is amazingly gifted as well. I believe these guys are not just some of the best Christian rappers, but some of the best lyricists out there, secular or not. I heavily recommend these brothers. Check out their stuff at the lampmode dot com site. Blessings.
Mike said:
Rap is Crap ! I agree ! But I do have some Christian rap . John Reuben is the only christian rap I own . Mike

what happen to being curtious? if you don't like rap....that's fine but its not crap....

for the guy that was asking...here's a list of chritian rap i own or know of:

The Cross Movement
Da' Truth
The Ambassador
Bobby Bishop
Underground Rise
Rob Hodge
Japhai Life
B.B. Jay
Trip Lee
ZigLag Boyz

there's more...hope this helps