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random thoughts

Do you ever choose random thoughts and write silly little questions and ideas about them? I do! lol feel free to add your own!

Do you ever wonder where you will be tomorrow? Or next year? Or in 10 years?
Surely tomorrow ill look the same as today? But if all tomorrow's look the same as today, how will we ever be in a different place?

the past
How do we know if the past is true? I do not mean the past that we read about text books (although that too), but the past that we lived through. I mean that is exactly the problem, we lived through it. So aren't our memories tainted with experiences? Or perhaps are experiences are tainted with memories. And are our memories true? Could they be a dream...or in fact a nightmare? How will we ever know and is that an impoartant question? Do we need to know if the past true? Or should be continue the fight to forget?

What does it feel like to be completely happy? What about completely sad? Is there such a thing? Can anyone be completely engulfed by these feelings? Sadness is overwhelming...death, pain, regret, loneliness, suffering. Are those complete feelings? Perhaps. Happiness is surface and fleeting....and not complete? Or is it fully complete for fleeting moments?

What would i be like if i trusted in God completely? What would be different about my day? Why have i not chosen to do that yet? What stops me and holds me back from all that God is? What am i afraid of? What has to happen before i make that decision to trust him completely? Who will i be when i do? How will i change? Will i recognise myself? Will i be different at work? More trusting of others? Is that too scary? Is that why i dont make that decision? Is that selfish? Is that putting me before God?