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"Raised from the Dead" video?

Formerly Adiaglow
Has anyone heard of this video? It's an account of Daniel Ekechukwu's experience. He supposedley died and was taken through a journey of heaven and hell, and it was pretty intense. I haven't watched, but 2 of my friends have. The main message is that the reason he went through hell on the journey was because the angel who accompanied him told him that he if his record was recalled, he would be in hell because he refused to forgive his wife for slapping him right before he did.
I may be way off base here, but I'm just going to say it. I get a bad feeling about this. I know it says we are to forgive and not hold that back. BUT the main verse that comes to me shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Period. What about the thief? I'm sure he had some grudges, because he hadn't been living the life. At the same time, I may be wrong and need some insight. This has really been on my mind b/c it's causing stress on my friends heart, and she is searching herself alot. I just feel that the word is being twisted to scare people, and God is love.
Please tell me if I miss this by a mile. I think it's good to check yourself and make sure you're not still angry at someone, but...God is so merciful.
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