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Radio bible guy named Camping?

What's up with the radio bible guy named Brother Camping or something? He's on at night and takes calls, answering questions but mostly preaching his ideas, interpretation & vast knowledge of the bible. At first I listened to what he had to say, then a couple years back he falsly predicted the 'end of times/end of the world' or Second Coming. Now recently a caller brought that up and he totally ignored it. If you have not heard this guy speak on the radio, he talks something like this with a very deep voice: "And can we take our neeexxxt caller please... weeelcome to the open forum." Then he procedes to expound his vast knowledge of the bible. Anyway, after he made the false prediction, and worse, after I heard him ignore callers on the topic (at least have the humility to admit your mistake), he lost all credibility for me.

Finally, I would like to say the God is not found in the bible (life teachings and moral guidance is) . If He was, the we can say "I have God in my pocket" or "I'm going to put God through the shredder" which is ridiculous.

"Having been asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, "The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." -Luke 17
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Isn't that something like in the 93-94fm range? An older man thats been on for so long? I'm not sure if thats the same one, but the one i'm thinking of is a rude fool to be honest.
The 'end of times' may be coming for him soon. I give him credit for staying calm always (so it appears) but that's all, otherwise he comes off as an arrogant know-it-all closed minded grumpy old man. That's how it is with many preachers of the gospel, they have the book knowledge, like an undergraduate or even a graduate student, but lack any real experience (or have very limited interm experience). They lack any direct knowledge of God the saints have, these are the only people whose counsel is worth listening to. You are better off reading the gospel by yourself and try to make sense out of it than listening to this guy.
Harold Camping predicted (and was wrong of course) Jesus' return twice and lost tremendous credibility with Christians. His latest "observation" is that the church age is dead and that Christians should stay out of churches all together. You do have to give him credit for sticking to his beliefs even with so much opposition. I think he really believes the stuff he preaches so we should all pray for him.
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He has major spiritual problems this guy. He should seriously stop talking as if he is inspired by the devil than the Holy Spirit. To say the church age is dead and stay out of church completely is the most utterly ridiculous thing I've heard in quite a long time.

Pray for this man.
Man, finally some replies! Thanks for your thoughts - amie & chadi. This is a christian community, someone had to hear of this Camping fellow, he's on the radio everyday & with my criticism of him I thought people might post siding with him. Like Kerry said tonight in the presidential debate: "there's determined right action & there's determined wrong action." Just Determined steadfast conviction and action is not enough. You at least have to be going in the right direction. And what if new facts and discoveries are presented? Do you still stay with your guns (like Bush)? No. You have to be flexible enough to adjust to the circumstances. A rigid tree will break easy when a decent wind comes along, while a strong but flexible tree will stand firm even after the storm is gone.

Anyway, what many christians don't embrace, especially those more church-going types, is the idea of stages of spiritual development. Take a look at your life, take any aspect or particular field (such as your career, or even your tennis -insert your favorite sport or game), and you will see definite stages of develpment. You don't pick up a tennis racket and start playing like Roger Federer. It takes years of practice and even trial and error (different rackets, strings, game strokes,etc) before you reach a high level - they even have ratings from 1-7.

What this example is leading to is that the same thing happens in our spiritual life. As children we have a general idea of what is good & bad. We are told by our parents there's a little guardian angle on one side and a little devil on the other & we are to listen to the angel - cartoons depict this in a funny manner. But as we grow older, we are bombarded with negative influences & desires and often succumb to them, even though we know they are bad. As we grow we become more aware of ourselves, not as flesh & bone, but as spiritual beings with infinite potential.

Going to church is neither good or bad. For some, it is what keeps them going, it is their foundation to life. For others, it's not as necessary. It all depends on your own individual development and need at the time. If you go to church daily, weekly & are able to derive inspiration and hope, great keep going. But if don't attend, but are still keeping the most important commandments - loving God in the privacy of your own home & loving your neighbor as yourself, then there is nothing wrong with that either. Life is not either, ...or (heaven or hell, saved or lost). Finite causes don't have infinite effects. Things come in degrees. We live in a world of relativity (until we know Christ/Spirit fully - who alone is above relativity). If Jesus was prosecuted today, he would win easily with Johnny Cochrin on his side. 'If the title of King of Kings doesn't fit, you must aquit." Just kidding with that one.
I believe the most import thing about going to church is the fellowship. We all need to be with other Christians no matter what stage we are in with our walk with the Lord. We are all members of the same body. So how can a foot say, "I've had it with this body, I'm outa here!" Well maybe foot was a bad example because I suppose a foot could actually walk away... You get the idea.
I saw the Newsboys this summer and Peter Fuller (sp?) talked about this exact topic. He is the son of a pastor and the church had been a major part of his life since he was born. As he grew older he thought he didn't need church and that his music was his ministry and that was enough. He said it was only in recent months that he realized that church was like a comfortable home where you can go in time of need to people who understand and share your beliefs and struggles etc... He pleaded with the audience to find a Bible believing church and to get involved with the people in it. I noticed a change in him as soon as he took the stage. I've seen him several times and he was always nervous about sharing the Gospel and even admitted that this was the part of the show that he dreaded most. This time he was on fire and spoke boldly about the Lord and it was awesome.
I'm not saying that Christians should follow religious doctrines and rituals (I'm not into that at all) but fellowship with other Christians is essential. I've tried every Christian church within a 25 mile radius of my house and had a different excuse of why I wouldn't return. I even opened a Christian bookstore and called it my "church". Then God made me realize that there are no perfect churches because there are no perfect people. No two people have the same relationship with Jesus. We are not always going to agree on how to worship but we all have to agree that Jesus died for us because He loves us and that is it. I now feel comforted being in a place where the majority of the people know this simple truth. Everything else is subservient.
So I think church is good for all Chrsitians especially those who think they don't need it.
I liked your analogy about sports being like our spiritual lives, and I agree with you. You spoke about tennis because you are familiar with that sport. What if I talked about kickboxing (my favorite sport) and you weren't familiar with it? It doesn't make the analogy less effective but it may give a perspective that you never saw before and it may teach you something that you otherwise may not have known. For example in tennis you don't have to avoid being kicked in the head. How many times has Satan tried to kick you in the head? Church is a good place to learn new perspectives from other members of the body of Christ. These boards are another good place (thanks Chad).
So thanks for the new perspective, Redpurusha and may God bless you always.
Harold Camping is a false prophet. A couple years ago he PROPHISIED the Lord's return that year .. and of course the Lord did not return that year. What does the Word of God say about a prophet whose prophesies do not come about?
Finally, I would like to say the God is not found in the bible (life teachings and moral guidance is) . If He was, the we can say "I have God in my pocket" or "I'm going to put God through the shredder" which is ridiculous.

Red .. I dont understand what you wrote here ..... "...the God is not found in the Bible ... "

Please explain
Staff Member
redpurusha said:
Finally, I would like to say the God is not found in the bible (life teachings and moral guidance is) . If He was, the we can say "I have God in my pocket" or "I'm going to put God through the shredder" which is ridiculous.
Ok, either you are kidding or you are trying make a statement that GOD physically/spiritually is not in (literally) the Bible. I am confused here but yes, GOD is "in" the Bible as in, being mentioned in it and being the power of His Word that speaks through it.
Guess I should have used quotation marks ....
I was asking another what he meant by that comment .. Redpurusha .. in his 9/26 post.

I sure would like to know what he meant!

Anyone understand him here?
HI There, just a quick reply here,,,, I've heard this man on shortwave radio.... I've listened to his answers..and I would tell you that no matter who says it, always go back to the Word of God to find out if what they say is true. The Word of God will NEVER lead you wrong.

Never put our eyes on a person, either, always keep your eyes on Jesus.

I would even advice this, to memorize the Word of God. Hide in your heart. Ask the Holy Ghost for discernment, and understanding of the Word of God, so that you may be able to rightly divide the Word of Truth.
The enemy is a liar, and is a deceiver..let no man deceive you.

The Word Of God Never FAILS !!!!!

--Bold Witness

Harold Camping is a false teacher and a false prophet.
He owns the radio station and teaches his own doctrine, etc.

We can be armed against these when we know God's Word and when we know God, which means prayer and fellowship!