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Virginia When I was in ninth grade, I said I believed in Christ and God, but I didn't go to church, didn't do anything Christ-like -- I just knew I was because that's what my parents were.

Then I got really messed and was hanging around with this guy, and we messed around a lot. One day we were about to do something further than kissing, but people came in so we stopped.

That night my friend took me to her youth group, and it was really fun. They talked about Christ and accepting Him, and I knew I wanted to go to heaven. I felt something inside me, and I cried because I knew I had sinned. In my mind, the people who walked in on us were God's angels protecting me from doing something I didn't really want to. I prayed to God and Christ and accepted Him as my Savior.

I went to youth group a lot, and then the summer before my sophomore year I went to this place called Mission Fuge. It helped me really understand what being a Christian is, and that it's not just being, but doing and sharing.
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