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Quiz: Which of the 12 Disciples are you?

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I thought you all would be entertained by this. Try it once and if you're married or have a good friend. Have them take it for you! How we picture ourselves against how others see us can be very interesting! :smile:

To give you an idea. When I did it I came up with James, and when my wife did it with me in mind. She found me to be Thomas!

I hope you can receive some enjoyment from this and if you want to share which one you are. Please do!
With the Love of Christ Jesus.

Note: To start the quiz you'll have to scroll halfway down the page. A large box that of cause says "START" :smile:
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@miss shelia
Thanks for letting me know!
I didn't realize that they only hold onto the quizzes for a certain period of time. Then you can't access them. :crying:
I'll go ahead and close this thread once I'm done replying to you.
Sorry & once again thanks for letting me know.
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