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Quit Staring at your Neighbor's ummm..."Donkey"

Ok folks, we all have this nature while we live in the 'flesh,' that we will be bound to periods, moments, and perhaps season of sin; but let us note the difference between what is unavoidable and what is intentionally "un-avoided." It was once told to me as such: "If a man is walking along a beach, and his eyes drift towards an attractive and scantily clad woman; this is temptation, not sin. No, it is when that man determines to take 'a second glance,' that it becomes sin; since there is then intention-he knew what it was the first time, no need for a second opinion!"

We are told in: Matthew 15:19(ESV) "19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander."
Wherever our "hearts are, so will our treasure also be." We do well to recognize that the sin is the end result, not the means. This being said, should we not rather focus on the state and intentions of our hearts in order that our actions and fruit may reflect Kingdom purposes and Christ's character? All too often we become the bull in his dance with the matador, charging blindly again and again at the noticeable "red cloth," while each time ignoring the one holding the blade that gashes into us as we charge on ahead recklessly; bound and determined to get that infernal red cloth!

When our hearts are directed in envy of others; greed for gain, power, authority; lust for what our flesh finds enjoyable; desire to receive the praises and adulation of man...then so will our actions follow. Let us take a constant and daily moral and spiritual inventory; ensuring that our hearts are directed in a manner that will deter us from rather than direct us towards sin. To put it bluntly, Quit staring at your neighbor's donkey! (Appreciate the donkey given to you instead.)

Thanks n God Bless!
I have always loved my own donkey [but I really never would call her that].

Of truth we can be like Peter walking on water. If we keep our eyes where they are supposed to be [on Jesus... or on our own donkey] we will not find ourselves sinking into the fathomless depths of worldly ways. Let us remember the covenant of Job:

"I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?" Job 31:1
Right. "Donkey" here though is dynamic, representing all things we may envy, covet, or have jealousy for: IE, power, fame, possessions, wealth, a better landscaping scheme...LOL. The basic premise being if our heart's focus is in the things on other people's lives we wish; that reflects the spiritual and mmoral poverty of our own hearts.
If we are looking upon it to lust after it, we have conceived it in our heart's and have sinned already, without actually touching it.