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Quiet Times

Written by Mandy Hope (copyright)

As I sit here alone, in the quietness of my home,
My peace is disturbed by many things,
The fridge makes a noise, the tap does drip,
Then by then windows birds flap their wings.

At times we need just to be still,
And concentrate on what's God's will,
To bring ourselves in prayer each day,
And read our bible on the way.

To commit ourselves to stillness of the mind,
Is difficult sometimes we find,
With all the pressures of the world,
And different things there to be heard.

But God gives us a peacefulness,
Where nothing can intrude,
And in the silence of our minds,
We're given spiritual food.

Just let the world go rushing by,
I'll sing praises to my God on high,
Forgetting about the things out there,
These times I need with God to share.

So when the world becomes too fast,
And folks go rushing here and there,
Then quiet times I need O Lord,
Within your world to share.
that is SO true

we DO need the quiet times with our Lord, i thank u for sharing this with us..