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Questions about dating

Hi guys, I’m wondering if someone can advise me here. Two friends and I run a Bible study for teens. The topic of dating was recently raised. Basically, the teenagers want to know what they can and can’t do in relationships. My friends, a married couple, were already together when they were saved. I’m not in a relationship and currently have no interest in one, so the Christian rules of dating for teens are not something we’ve given much thought to ourselves. None of the youth in this group are from Christian homes, and not all of them have committed their lives to Jesus yet (note the wonderfully hopeful ‘yet’ ). Not all of them are ‘innocent’ anymore either. Any advice for scripture which will help us would be most appreciated.
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I guess that it depends on what each of them feel comfortable with and the relationship that they're in. You can advise them to wait, you can advise them on safe sex and staying safe, but ultimatly they will make their own decision. All you can do is make sure they have all the information adn all the tools to do that with.

As a suggestion, I'd phrase things, "I personally wouldn't do x" as opposed to saying "don't do x". Just a thought.
Hi Janie
Since our body belong to God, we are bound to do everythings by his instruction.Psalm 24v1. The problem is that, in a youth stage is dificult to differatiate LOVE & "X". Youth got to know that love is sympanthy like feeling you feel and you can give it to everyperson even to your enemies. But "x" is a very special gift of God which is used with restriction. It is very nice if you wait for it time and it hurt very badley if it is used before time, & it can be much differant from love. Read 2SAMUEL 13:1-15. After havinng "x", all what he thought was love disappear, so need of "x" is differant from love. Dating is a blessing, but is always logical to ask the blesser to guide you in His blessing. May my God bless you to have more answers
Gezani and shekinah,
Thank you for your responses. They've been helpful for me. Our next Bible study meeting is tonight - please pray for our group.