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Can anyone describe the difference between, conviction of the holyspirit that will lead to repentance and guilt and condemnation from the devil? (accusing)

I know if its in the word its from God,

i have my own thoughts but would like them confirmed.

Conviction from the Holy Spirit is to lead us to repentance - a turning around and change in our lives. Not just remorse which leads to only depression and no change but true repentance that produces new fruit in our lives. Remorse is the "I'm sorry" attitude that never produces change.

Once we have repented then often old thoughts want to torment us. We wished we had not done so and so etc. This is where the "if onlys" come in. "If only I had not done so and so". This is the condemnation from the enemy. If we have taken our sins to the cross and changed our ways then we are to turn from such condemnation and live now. All we can do is to live in the now.

A part of living in the Now is to trust that God will indeed turn everything to our good. He can do that. And He will as we continue faithful in our walk with him.

ok i read thru all the thing liek 2 times and then the posts and i still dotn understand what your asking... so i am sorry to be of usless help and all but yeah care to Xplain it to me at all??

Love Simon!!!

P:S; LOl sorry for beign Silly and not knowign what your on about..

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