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Question For the Sisters

I am taking some courses about family counseling, and one topic in particular I am trying to understand is how a woman thinks and see the world, a non converted woman and a Christian sister.

What are the key goals of a woman and desires versus a man?
What they expect , they look to find in a husband?
How affects the external beauty or is used to manipulate or get to objectives?

Thanks a Lot,

I am waiting to hear your feedback.
Well knowing what my husband has told me about men and what I have told him about women I've came to the conclusion that we are EXTREMELY DIFFERENT and balance each other out PERFECTLY...so perfectly it was definitely God's design. I can only give you examples from our family. We are very old fashioned to be in our generation. My husband works and I stay home with the kids. I am the nurturer (if that is a word). I make sure everyone is taken care of and alright. I pack my husband's lunch, make his coffee to go and lay out his work clothes. I take the kids to and from school and to their sports every day. I cook and keep the house clean. My husband is the supporter. He works a very physical demanding job. He gets called in at all hours and works hard to support us. My husband says men want to eat, sleep and be "intimate" with their wives. Women are a little more complicated. I want to spend a lot of time getting ready every day...doing my hair and makeup...picking out my outfit...caring for my children and husband...having my husband compliment me, show me affection and be "intimate". My list on finding a husband was
1. A Godly man
2. A hard worker that can support a family
3. Someone who you can see waking up every morning
4. A good heart!
His list was a little different well in a little different of an order
1. Blonde & I don't want to say the other part
2. She had to be a LADY to take care of him
3. Christian
I hope this helps a little. Good luck.

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