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Hello Everyone!

I am very new to bible studies but I've been studying Acts 27 and at the end, we can see that God did keep his promise to save Paul and to save all of the 276 people that were on board. However, it made me think why did survival happen in such a "chaotic" way? Why God couldn't just "deliver" them to the land instead of having to shatter half of the boat? What was the purpose?

Does anyone have any ideas? Would love to read them all!

Thank You!
Shipwrecks happen. Tornadoes / earthquakes happen. Chaos -- takes place -- rescues take place -- people see God's protection. That's happened when people are talked to for 'live' TV. They are thanking God for His protection. People who've lost everything are being helped by neighbors who've Also lost everything.

You've made a very good point -- you can see how God Does keep His promises.