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Question about marriage

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by OAKLINE, May 8, 2016.

  1. I'm an ex practicing Catholic I got married in a Catholic Church we read out vows that where giving to us. Now here's my question if you came to believe by reading the bible that the Catholic Church wasn't for you and you joined the baptist church would you be still married . I know by law we are but under the law of God I question!
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  2. Hello brother @OAKLINE !
    The marriage that is between man & woman is between you and your wife and God. The government or church can say you are not married or that you are married, but in truth it is God that you both came before to be joined. Our Lord said "So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate."

    I posed a question to my pastor. Would you be willing to marry a couple without a marriage license. Meaning the blessings of the state. Initially his answer was to state that a certificate was needed. I told him that scripturally that a certificate was only needed in a divorce. No where could I find it necessary to have a certificate for marriage. He told me he'd have to go to headquarters and told me later that the lawyers were discussing this question! Three years later and still now answer :rolleyes:

    The church or government is acting only as a facilitator for your union. It is God who has bound you both willingly to become one. In His eyes you are one and no longer two. Why would you allow man's church to attempt to breakup what must assuredly predates and has greater power?

    Unless of cause either one of you are looking for a way out of the marriage. That would be an entirely different issue & question.
  3. We are 10 years married this year I was thinking of writing my own vows and renewing them to her!
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    That would be awesome! Have you brought this up to her and if you have. What are her thoughts about doing this?
  5. The wife wasn't a practicing Catholic she only came to faith 8 months ago. She believed in God and Jesus but she was someone that though I'm a good person once I didn't kill anyone I'll be grand!
    She had a conversion while attending a baptists gathering. Going down she was saying there all weirdo 10 mins into the sermon she felt and accepted Christ into her heart! I tried for years to convert her to the Catholic faith and failed. Now the whole family attended a baptists church. I went to the only believer in my house to now the wife and 4 keep dis are all believers. Christ only can change people's hearts that's what I learnt from that experiences
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    Then you are truly blessed in your wife! So, may I assume that you want to renew your vows in this Baptist Church and that is your concern, because of the conflict with the Catholic Church?
  7. I think vows should be wrote by the people who get married to proclaim there love for one another. I read out vows that was handed to me by a priest that was used by thousands other people. I think if I was to rewrite them even if I read them out to her just the 2 of us from the heart I think it would be a nice thing to do!
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  9. I would have to agree. They should also include the concept of love as you would find in scripture. Too often in marriage at least initially. We are not fully aware or maybe blinded should be another word here to use. ;) To the difficulties that can ensue during marriage and they include sacrifice/compromise/dedication/prayer etc. which are also parts of this union.

    Love as we see presented best by our God in John 3:16 and in the life of our Lord Jesus exemplifies what we should attempt to reach for/attain of what it means "To Love". Sometimes I gaze at my wife and not only count my blessings, but come to a realization of how much I love her. She can't help but notice me looking at her :whistle which of cause elicits a response from her of "Why are you looking at me?" :laugh:

    So, write those vows! Let the love you hold within your spirit shine forth to let her know that even though your actions may not always reflect that perfect love. You do feel it and desire her to know it beyond any shadow of a doubt!

    From my vantage point, I do want you to know you're doing well here brother!
    With the Love of Jesus Christ.
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