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Purpose Driven Life

Recommend this book?

  • Yes

    Votes: 16 43.2%
  • No

    Votes: 15 40.5%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 2 5.4%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 4 10.8%

  • Total voters
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I absolutly loved the book. It went into so much detail. And it contained scripture to back it up. I learned alot from that, I would definitly recommend it to everyone. It mentions things in a whole new way. A way that I personally would never of thought of until reading that book. Great book! :thumbs_up
I read it and after all I got was a feeling that it was more about the author than about God, my Pastor felt the same way. There is good in there but it is immersed with self.


I read some of the book a few months after I was saved. That was like 5 years ago. Since then, I have matured, and now looking at reading this book again, it doesnt seem to be biblical and also it is all over the place in what he is saying. In one place Mr. Warren talks about God uses circumstances to teach us rather than His Word, and then in another place it says that the Word is the absolute most important thing for a believer.
I checked that website out before I came here Chad, and thus I created this thread. Thanks
Is it worth reading Purpose Driven Life?
Thanks for posting those links Chad. When I saw the thread I knew I had read somewhere what you posted. I certainly haven't been drawn to the book.
honestly i dont really know what i should think bout that book...
i mean i read it and so and there were heaps of stuff in there that i really
liked and thats good...but when it was more bout churcha nd how church should be and so
it started gettin boring!!!
so yeah i kinda liked it and then again i didint....

god bless


I hear people saying they "really like it". What does that mean? Did they like it a lot because it showed them more of God's character through references to the Bible, or did they like it because they saw some ideas that would benefit them that were not biblical?
This is an awesome topic. Its a good topic
Thanks for all the replies
My daughter and I both love this book and have said that we plan to read it at least twice a year to renew our inspiration. I loved some of the ideas in it,like making your own praise journal to keep track of how God has worked/answered prayer in your own life and those close to you. It is an excellent idea to have testimonies right at hand to review when you are experiencing a trial for instance. I did not agree with every personal viewpoint of the author,but in any non-fiction work,a person needs to be aware that there will be some of the author's personal beliefs or agenda. I have especially read many bad things about people leaving churches because their church became a "Purpose Driven Church", but I have not read that book yet,so am not sure what changes it endorses,but have read,things such as no personal pastor giving a sermon,but instead watching a video sermon by Rick Warren, no more supporting foreign missions,ect. I did immediately think of the marketing ploy of TPDL saying you should only read 1-chapter a day,thereby ensuring you must purchase the book! Otherwise I say "take the good" forget the rest.
Honestly I was not aware of any of these things. I'm drawn both ways. Thanks for the links Chad.
I recommend this book.

But another book I recommend is.......One thing you cant do in Heaven.....Its by Mark Cahill. It is really good. You can get it in any christian book store.
i read this book and thought it was great, i gave it to a friend who i work with, he read it and gave his life to the lord through it.
As i speak here i have another three of the books to hand to other friends at work that have asked for them, as they are curious.

i think the lord can use anything and anyone, and what we need to bear in mind is that the devil is out to condem anything that points to god.

its all for Gods glory and im sure if it brings people to christ its served its purpose.
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Whoa! Wait All You Guys! This Is Urgent!

First of all, the Bible should be what we compare everything else to. If a book isn't agreeing with the Bible then we should throw it out. The Purpose Driven Life presents a "cheap gospel". We've got to stop making "great theological books" into what we deem as Biblical. The Bible is sufficiant. Plus the Purpose Driven Life is not aligned with Scripture. Check it for yourself! There are things in that book that are completely unbiblical.

Here's an analogy. If someone were to give you a glass of pure drinking water with just a drop of toilet water, would you drink it? NO, even though 99% of it were pure water it still has that toilet water in it. Why should we take something less than perfect: man's commentaries. The Bible! That is sufficiant.
Yo Chad!!!!1

Yo Chad,

You know that CIC--Critical Issues Commentary that you got from Twin Cites Fellowship---


I feel that many are placing the book and the program ahead of a real relationship with Jesus and being a disciple of his.

We don't use the term much but we do tend to "deify" many of these prominent authors.

I could not get all the links that Chad posted working but would have to agree that there are many problems with the book. The idea is great but the theology needs work.

The other problem is that many churches in Australia try to emulate the Saddleback model or the Willowcreek model and wonder why it is not working! Some get their "seeker service" going and attract a crowd but how many are there for genuine worship. In Australia we have our own Saddleback model - Hillsong - many churches always compare themselves to it based on numerical values not spiritual. Sad.

When we try to put programs in place of true discipleship then it is not Christ we are reflecting.
I would recommend this book to a lot of people. I think it's a very good book... I've read it and i learned a lot of things out of it. I was pretty young when i did it the first time, and i don't think it has influenced me in any negative ways presented in the two links...
Here's an analogy. If someone were to give you a glass of pure drinking water with just a drop of toilet water, would you drink it? NO, even though 99% of it were pure water it still has that toilet water in it. Why should we take something less than perfect: man's commentaries. The Bible! That is sufficiant.

hahaha I like the analogy.

I started reading this book when I was a baby Christian and lost interest within the few first pages. :coocoo:
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