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Purim 2021

Purim (a.k.a. Festival Of Lots) is a Jewish holiday commemorating events in the Old Testament book of Esther.

Although the holiday is biblical; it isn't God-given like all those listed in the covenant that Moses' people agreed upon with God per the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, viz: Purim is man-made. (Esther 9:27)

The primary focal point of the story is the political tension between two Persian empire officials: one named Haman and the other Mordecai.

Haman outranked Mordecai, but due to a rather unpleasant incident that took place involving Mordecai's ancestors and Haman's, Mordecai refused to acknowledge Haman as his superior and render him the proper respect, even though the King had required it so.

Haman's emotional reaction to Mordecai's insubordination escalated to the point where he devised a scheme wherein not only Mordecai be executed, but also everyone in the realm deemed Mordecai's people, i.e. all the Jews.

There's a dark side to this story that is seldom, if ever, afforded daylight, to wit: that frightful near-death genocide was instigated by the pride of just one stubborn individual situated in a key position.

The name of God never appears in even one single verse anywhere in the entire book of Esther; and I am of the opinion it's because Jehovah had nothing to do with any of it-- and wanted nothing to do with it --the whole incident was a painful embarrassment perpetrated by folks known the world over as God's chosen people.

The Jews survived that calamity, but 75,000 law-abiding Persians didn't. I now sometimes wonder whether the Holocaust wasn't a sort of payback for all those needless Persian deaths at the hands of the Jews so many years ago because God remembers things like that.

Ex 34:6-7 . . He will by no means leave the guilty unpunished: visiting the iniquity of fathers on the children and on the grandchildren to the third and fourth generations.
Rom 13:7 . . Give everyone what you owe him: if respect, then respect; if honor,
then honor.

1Pet 2:17c . . fear God; honor the king.

Webster's defines kings as 1) monarchs, 2) paramount chiefs and/or 3) one that
holds a preeminent position; e.g. monarchs, sovereigns, presidents, prime
ministers, czars, chairmen, etc.

During the 2020 US presidential campaign, there was a wave of hatred, hysteria,
sabotage, propaganda, and disrespect for Mr. Donald Trump the intensity of which
was unlike anything I've ever seen in my 77 years on this planet. And it wasn't just
riff-raff and commoners in on it; the speaker of the House of Representatives, no
less, tore the President's state of the union address in full view of the public-- on
national broadcasting!

Christians don't have to particularly like the folks in government, but we do have to
honor their positions. So please, don't ever follow Mordecai's example; he wasn't
back then, and he isn't now, a suitable role model for Christ's loyal followers.

Prov 24:21 . . My son, fear The Lord and the king; have nothing to do with those
who hate them.
Faq: Why isn't God mentioned even one time, nor even so much as alluded to, in
the book of Esther?

A: There's been some speculation as to why God is absent.

1» Esther isn't scripture, rather; it's a tale.

2» The events in Esther are believed situated during the reconstruction era depicted
in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. The seventy years of captivity were over and
the Jews had official permission to return to their ancient homeland. But instead of
returning, many Jews strewn about the realm didn't.

It's understandable that a number of Jews wouldn't want to go. Many of them were
not expatriated, viz: they had never lived in Israel having been born and raised
elsewhere during the seven decades of captivity. To them, Israel wasn't a
homeland, rather, it was a foreign country. And as for Mordecai; he no doubt was
very satisfied with his cushy federal job and would not be readily willing to give it

Well, it's believed that God returned to Israel -- along with the prophets Haggai and
Zechariah --to assist His people in rebuilding the Temple and Jerusalem's walls.
God was demonstrably very active in that theater; but not so with the Jews who
elected to stay where they were. Apparently the old axiom; "Walk with God, and He
will walk with you." was just as true then as it is now.
There's an additional dark side to this story; to go along with post No.1

Esther persuaded the king to hang Haman's male children after they were already
dead: ten boys in all. (Est 9:12-14)

Mordecai's beautiful cousin, it turns out, was a very cruel woman at heart; yet she
is admired the world over as a sweet, brave little angel.
Faq: Why do you Christians disparage the Bible's Jewish people so much? What
you are doing is despicable and anti Semitic!

A: The Bible has given the world quite a few samples of both sides of the Jews'
coin: their piety and their impiety. If we examine only the Jews' piety, while
suppressing their impiety, we fail to make full use of the Bible.

Rom 15:4 . . For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our

Christians do not deserve criticism for hanging out the Jews' dirty laundry when it
was God himself who started it.

2Tim 3:16-17 . . All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for
doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man
of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.