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I thought I would tell everyone that my dog had the puppies I told you all about . A mother of 9 all healthy and beautiful in there own way.Isn't it amazing how God takes care of all his children even animals? I love to think about it,makes me feel safer than usual.
awww... how cute, puppies!!!

early in da mornin 2?? or is it just my time difference dat makes it seem early.. oh wells.. lol..

but yea, very cute, an i wish i could have anuva puppy.. but no dog will replace the 1 i had...

hope they are all healthy an if u r givin/sellin em.. i hope they all get good homes!!

congrats again!!

so apart from all of them which one is the Cutest? and does they all have names? he he he what are they all?? LOL

i woudl love to have another pet but i dotn think it will Happen dad wont let us have the Cat we wanted so yeah....

but good on the mummy doggie!!!

Love Simon!!!