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Psalm 23

Well I can give you just this the rest is personal interest.Jesus King of Jews was written in three languages on the plaque above his head.I believe that there is a simple message there.The three languages were to become the primary mediums for the Gospels and Tanak.The three languages cover alot of territory. The Word Hebrew has its roots in the verb to pass over or through,by,pass on. It is spelled ayin bet resh and is pronounced abvar a little b and a little v sound mixed.There are alot of people who have taken the King James English version in a literal English form with disastrous results.Learning to read and pronounce Hebrew Scripture is a wonderful way to avoid misunderstanding the Word of YHVH. It also jerks your focus away from daily tediums. I love it.Shalom Christan Isaiah 11:6 And the Wolf shall dwell with the Lamb
Hey Christian,

I am very interested in this but the site would not come up for me. Could you by any chance copy and paste for us. I would love to read it.

Of course studying the Hebrew is very beneficial. I can not read it but I have English Hebrew dictionaries I use. How blessed you are to know and speak Hebrew.

God's blessings
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Jesus is Lord!

"The Word Hebrew has its roots in the verb to pass over or through,by,pass on." Christian

Very interesting. The Lord has told me many times that He will take me "through." Thank you.

Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie
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The site would not come up. However, is there something different about this version from the Masoretic text?? I agree the 23rd Psalm is a lot of fun in Hebrew. Thanks for reminding me. I'll try to look at it again, probably tomorrow.