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Provide Names??

i am a new member of a radio station in my home town. well home town now. LOL

and i need a few names that i can use to call my self on the Air. LOL i am the
" mock up weather man "
LOL.. soem names i have though up are as follow's.

Florence the Forcaster.
Radical Joe
weather worm...

if you can provide me with some kind of cool weather man names would greatly apreciate it...

Love Simon!!!
Staff Member
Sun Simon

Weather Worm is pretty funny :)

Earth to Simon? LOL
Weather or not

Rainy Dwain

forecast your cares onto him as he cares for you......lol

Housewives favorite...lol...lol

Sonny Frost...lol

(this is addictive)...lol

Will De Suncome (that was a suggestion from Proverbs...lol)