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prophecy of st malachy o'morgair

My convictions

This may get me in trouble with the moderators, but this is my conviction. I do not agree with the catholic religion for several reasons. 1). Jesus Christ is my high priest so I don't need a local priest to forgive me of my sins. Jesus' blood washed them away. 2). Praying to Mary is blasphemy. She was the earthly mother of the Lord. She was chosen by God because she was a woman who loved God and was humble and obedient. She has absolutely no intercessory power. 3).People go hysterical when the pope is near. It is like the Lord Jesus has descended and walking among the people. Now that would be exciting! Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Period. If the protestant church merges with the catholic church, count me out. I pray that catholics will be enlightened by the Holy Spirit that Jesus is the only answer.

Jesus is my everything,
St. Malachy.. I've been hearing alot about him lately. Well this pope Benedict guy did fufill the prophecy that Malachy made about him being from the Malachy order. He is trying to bring Islamic and Christianity together which is making way for the one world religon. It would make sense that the next pope Peter the Roman would be the false prophet. However I don't believe that he got this vision as a prophet of God. You see it says that the next pope will bring the church trough many tribulations in its finally battle against evil. And then the 'dreaded' judge will come. That may not be word for word but thats basically what it says. Now think about it, he says that the next pope will lead the church through tribulations. Well that sure isn't God's church as Gods church is to be removed before the tribualtions. God will remove His restraint which is the Holy Spirit and we are the vessels of the Spirit. Please see my rapture article for more scriptures on that. Anyways catholics want us to be raptured so that they can fix the 'mess' we've made. The way that it says that the pope will lead them. Well catholics say that the pope is vicar to Christ which means substitue to Christ. There is no substitute to Christ and God shares His glory with no one. So the prophecy here is basically saying that by their own works they will go through tribulatons led by the pope. I dunno I have trouble describing things. Anyways I definetly don't believe that this prophecy is from God. Satan is full of tricks and lies so just take caution. I would like to tell you about 3 sites that go into further detail on St. Malachy. I cant list sites here as it's not allowed so I'll pm you with them. Anyways you know what bugs me about catholics too? How they name St. this and St. that. EVERY believer who is saved by grace is a saint of God. And how they say that in order to get to heaven you must say the rosary daily (50 hail marys) and worship mary the 'mother of God'. God has no mother. Jesus said anyone who believed in Him is His brother or sister or mother. You know that scripture where the people said that His mother and brothers were looking for Him. And also I don't know if you've seen the movie Luther where it shows how the church said that you had to pay them to get to Heaven and to spring souls from an imaginary place called purgatory. When Jesus said on the cross, 'it is finished', that translates to paid in full. There is no work we could do to get into Heaven we are to be dead to sin but alive to God in Jesus Christ. Ok I'm done now. Bye
The phrophesy is correct. I along with several christians and catholics believe the current pope will die soon. For he must pass soon so that current prophesies being fullfilled now will keep on the same time stream. You forget he is old and is in ill health. I believe the time is drawing near and we will soon see Christ in the clouds. The bible is one fourth prophesy study it and you will see we are in the final days. Remember God will come like a thief in the night. For man does not know the day nor the hour but if he keeps my word he will be prepared.