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Prophecy Down 100% Kurds

I just love bible prophecy it just keeps on going and is 100% , there is a little known prophecy that just has happened and not many people seem to understand or talk about!! Kurds push for independence in northern Iraq!!!IRBIL, Iraq — Kurds packed polling stations across northern Iraq on Monday in a historic referendum on independence despite vigorous opposition from the country’s central government as well as regional and world powers.
The book of Jeremiah explains that the Kurds are an integral part of the future destruction of Babylon.
Just as the Kurds have been overlooked in history, the destruction passages of Babylon have been overlooked as well. Some assume that Babylon was already destroyed, while others believe the Babylon described in Revelation must refer to another future super-power.
According to the literal interpretation of scripture, a real city called Babylon will arise in Mesopotamia once more. It is difficult to imagine a Middle Eastern economic superpower in today’s geopolitical world. It was also difficult to believe a Jewish state was possible in 1948.

Revival and destruction of Babylon

Isaiah 13 and Jeremiah 50/51 both describe the city of Babylon’s total demise at some point in the future. John in Revelation also adds a great amount of detail. The city is burned to the ground, the inhabitants slain, and the land of Babylon along the Euphrates River becomes a desolate wasteland, never to be inhabited again. For some reason this tale is usually left out of children’s story Bibles.
The ancient city of Babylon never experienced such a calamity. People continue to live in and near the lands of Babylon today (Iraq). Therefore, this prophecy has not yet occurred and must be fulfilled in the future.
Historically the Kurds have a strong argument for their claims of Median ancestry. Greek historian and adventurer Xenophon referred to the Kurds as the Karduchi, or the Karduhki.2 According to Kurdish historian Dr. Jemal Rashid Ahmad, the beginnings of Kurdish history can be traced to the ancient Median king Kyaxer.3 British scholar Dr. G. R. Driver also placed Kurdish ancestry squarely with the ancient Medes.4

The Kurds are experiencing a Christian revival. This no doubt adds to their present persecutions. Ten percent of Kurdish people claim to be Christian, a much higher percentage than Arabs, Turks, or Persians can claim. It is important to remember that by the time of Babylon’s destruction, Islam will be a largely forgotten religion. At the end of the Tribulation there will only be two religious options – Christianity or Satan worship.

The Kurds, along with countless other peoples and nations, will experience a great revival during the Tribulation -- one that will cost many of them their lives.

Revenge of the Kurds

Once thing is for certain – when God’s appointed time for Babylon’s destruction has come he will unleash an underdog from the lands “north” of Babylon (Jeremiah 50:3). The Kurds will play an instrumental role in Babylon’s future destruction.

Although an independent Kurdistan looks bleak in the near future, it could become a real possibility in the distant one. Both Jeremiah and Isaiah describe the Kurds as a mighty host leading a coalition of nations. Other prophetic passages indicate that the Middle East is heading for some momentous changes.

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