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Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus

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Troy a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Be descendant of Abraham
Be descendant of Isaac
Be descendant of Jacob
Be descendant from the tribe of Judah
Be descendant of David and heir to his throne
Be anointed and eternal
Be anointed with the Spirit of God
Be born in Bethlehem
Be born at a specific time
Be born of a virgin
Slaughter of children
Flight to Egypt
The way prepared
Preceded by a forerunner
Preceded by Elijah
Declared the Son of God
Have a ministry in healing
Galilean ministry
Speaks in parables
A prophet
Have God's own name applied to him
To bind up the brokenhearted
Rejected by His own people, the Jews
Be adored by great persons
Priest after order of Melchizedek
Triumphal entry
Adored by infants
Not believed
Betrayed by a close friend
Betrayed for thirty pieces of silver
Accused by false witnesses
Silent to accusations
Spat on and struck
Hated without reason
Vicarious sacrifice
  • Prophecy in the Old Testament
  • Fulfillment in the New Testament
Crucified with malefactors
Pierced through hands and feet
Sneered and mocked
Was reproached
  • Prophecy in the Old Testament
  • Fulfillment in the New Testament
Prayer for His enemies
Soldiers gambled for His clothing
Forsaken by God
No bones broken
His side pierced
Buried with the rich
To be resurrected
His ascension to God's right hand
yort (Troy)<!--EndFragment-->
If that is not enough evidence to change the mind of a non believer I guess nothing will. As followers of Christ I feel like it is our duty to try to convince people of Christ, or at the very least have a good argument of why we believe. I am really going to start to work on this as I am not good with words. But to me the prophecies that have been fulfilled has got to be some of the best evidence and really indisputable facts that hopefully can help people see the light.

This is a great list put togeather

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