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proofs of a Satanic conspiracy.

The first observance was that the findings of biblical importance in Arabian territory are fenced up. No one is allowed to go to Mt. Sinai.

Another hidden area is areas like area 51, and the NWO airport.

another is a bar fence placed in Egypt in the Giza platau. This is where the finding of caverns leading up to the Sphinx and perhaps even Giza Pyramid.

Another is out in the dessert between Egypt and Israel. A walled structure where it is possible that artifacts are buried and known to be there. They just aren't able by the Government to go check it out.

It is apparent that the world is trying to hide any true biblical Arch. evidence. We can be thankful that up to date some of that evidence is available.

For a long time Arch. deceivers said there was no Solomon's temple. work continues just out side the walls of Jerusalem.

I'm not sure if this is true but you can check it out for research. it is said illuminatti have removed 5,000 videos from you tube so far.
sounds possible.
I don't spend a lot of concern about Satanic conspiracies because he's a defeated foe and he knows it.

I appreciate your point of view tremendously. It appears that you are not called to preach or teach. it is my calling to learn all I can about world events and a little about everything. I am by no means happy with the way the world is headed and wish that all would be better. That isn't going to happen. Jesus said in my words, when you see all these things. Matt.24: He didn't specify how much each person would see. One thing that makes a difference is when you see , the Holy Spirit will show you more.

What a lot of people see in this world is the things of the world, but when you are filled with the Spirit you will see things you could never imagine. God will take of the things that he wants to press our minds with and reveal things that money cannot buy.

It can be hard work. One example. The whole world is looking for the answers concerning what the pyramids mean. Though they are not pleasant, They reveal one of the greatest revelations about God. I will clarify----there is a opposite meaning. Perhaps I am the only one in the world God told this. I am waiting on him how to tell it. It would take probably 8 hours. Arch. have spent many days looking yet what they are looking for will be dissapointing. I even know what they are looking for. haha. Your right 100% God wins---so do we all because of the blood of Jesus.
finding the key to one world religion.
Mormons---Joseph Smith---33rd degree free mason.
Jehovah witnesses --- C.T.Russel--- 33rd degree Mason.
Scientology--- orange order of Masons.
Buddha--- Hung and white lily master lodges. older order before modern. Egyptian mysteries.
Catholic--- Constantine--starts, knights of the red cross.
7th day adventists----Ellen Whites husband a free Mason.
Pike modern day Mason founder was member of KKK.

all of these have a oneness. They created the major world religions. The Masons after climb high ladder, must turn from Jesus and believe in Osirus and Horus. Also receive a connection with that spirit.

One world religion seems to include one world government. All traces go back to Nimrod and different religions and gods arose. Abraham and the Jews were a minority, to create a new nation unto God. They rejected the Messiah and so anti-Christ will be welcome there. A one world leader in opposition to a one world Messiah Jesus who will come and set up his kingdom on earth.

Now if something doesn't shut my computer off this message will go through.
The Best is Yet to Come

Great post, these people were part of the ‘Mysteries’ from down the ages. There is a faction in society that have put the pieces together to lay out the bigger picture. Conspiracies do exist. To deny they exist is similar to putting your head in the sand. There is just too much overwhelming evidence. I have been researching this material for 13 years and it is exciting to know the more the elite plan to bring their plan into fruition means the closer our Lord is to return. There are three .pdf’s you can get from the net which clearly demonstrate the elite’s plan. “Gary Allen’s – None Dare Call it a Conspiracy” and “William Guy Carr – Pawns in The Game” and “Dr John Coleman - The Conspirators' Hierarchy - The Committee of 300.”

As Christians we are to learn this type of material. Hosea 4:6 states “My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge.” We are to be diligent. For those who choose not to learn about ‘"Ordo Ab Chao" are left in the dark.

There are many, many websites and books dedicated to exposing the subtle machinations of the ruling elite.

God Bless, may you find the answers you are looking for without fear (2Ti 1:7)
God Bless You Folks who are in the middle of trials and hardship. Our Lord is our strength and reassurance to be free from our shackles and fears.
I like your post fallen. You must have prayed for me because God spoke to me this morning and gave me the answer I was looking for. Give me time to put it all together. I will give a clue though esp. for you. We need to deal with the issue of knowing how to earnestly contend for the bible.
The thing to remember is , it must be from a biblical perspective only. fresh stuff. we must be able to give evidence for the Hebrew and Greek writings (********only*******). defense for the bible in many denominations today is also a conspiracy. to be continued.
I forgot to add that the exposing of conspiracies can also be a trap. We must have God's help because Satan is a master deceiver. He will take advantage of how we say things or even go about to expose them. it's like playing a game of chess, if you know what I mean. God has him in check mate though. God's wisdom revealed to us Jam. 1:5 will put us in the win, but the enemy when he loses is like a person who gambles and loses a lot of money, there will be retaliation. One example of winning is when people were martyred, they were seen as people who were willing to die for what they believed. Jesus had people saying, this must be the son of God. No one would hardly die except they are determined to proof they are right.

suicide bombers are a tool of the devil to try and put this truth into a bad light----because they die extremely wrong. The bottom line is if your demon possessed you would commit suicide. They don't die making a point, they die as a form of weapon. who knows maybe their leaders tell them how do you want to die--for our good cause or maybe some serious secret torture back in their country. Bombers may be secretly forced to make that choice is what i'm saying. To go on record i'm not sure just giving thoughts here.

it is time for people to think discerning about everything they know. Opinion is not worth anything except to create a council to view something from both sides, with the possibility of a third thought or idea. meaning the first two thoughts may be wrong.

The devil takes advantage of those who hold to one opinion and refuse to consider another idea. The bottom line is what is the truth. That's why we must pray for wisdom about everything. it says God gives wisdom liberally. Jams. 1:5

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