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Private Messages

Staff Member
News Update: 10/23/2005

Private message allowance have been modified to ease on the database and server load.

Groups | Allowance

New Member: 5
Member: 25
Senior Member: 25

If you have over your usage, you must delete the current pm's in your inbox/sent/misc folder to make room. Thank you for your understanding.

God bless you.
phew. . .thats a real challenge. . .especially since it was just upgraded to 150 . . .but its possible . . .no worries. . .:love:
Just tried to send one and it told me i had to many messages....... but its ok...... i understand.
God bless
Hi All,

I shouldn't need to say this but I know from past experience on the computer you can miss the obvious sometimes.

If you have to clear you private messages and there is something you need to keep, PRINT IT!!!

Yours in His Loving-tender-kindness,

No problem, as others said... I can delete when it gets too full.
In fact I only have one saved now.
By the way... how do we get from new member status to member stautus? Is it just a matter of time?
Thanks for the great site,:thumbs_up
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Hi Toklatkate,

If you haven't made another posting after this, try saying, "Hello everybody, I love Jesus!"

That should get you Message Post No. 25.

Then open the Box of delights!

Yours in His Tender-loving-kindness,

Staff Member
Thank you all for understanding. Its important to keep the site running quick and smoothly. This helps in one aspect of that.

God bless
Hello everybody, I love Jesus!
I really do!
and this site comes close! I love it too, but not as much as I lve Jesus!~
chad my pm says I have 31 messages and I only see 7 messages. I went to list message and still only see 7 messages. how do I get the other messages? thanks for TJ chad u are doing a great job.