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Prisoner Alert

By becoming an ‘advocate’ you are entering into the vital and important ministry of intercession and solidarity with those who suffer for their faith in Christ. As an advocate for our brothers and sisters in chains you will be encouraging them when you write to them in prison and supporting them when you write to officials on their behalf.

Your involvement testifies of the love and unity found among followers of Jesus Christ throughout the world. It is a witness to both your imprisoned family and to they authorities you write to or who may censor letters intended for the prisoner.

Your involvement is evidence to our persecuted family that they are not forgotten. Often the oppressors try to brainwash these Christians into believing that they are forgotten, that they are not loved and that no one knows about them. Through this isolation and loneliness the devil can prey upon their faith. When a prisoner learns others are protesting on their behalf or when they receive your letter, they know that someone cares.

You involvement can result in better treatment for a prisoner. The authorities in many nations are very sensitive about their image abroad. When they realize that outsiders are monitoring a prisoner’s situation, conditions may be improved.

The reward for your endeavor will be what is said by many prisoners "while doing time for God, we praise Him that we are not forgotten." Even in the most horrific conditions and suffering there can be dignity. This is what you will give to a fellow believer in our Lord Jesus Christ.

To write an encouraging letter to anyone on the PERSECUTION ALERT list , sign on at http://www.prisoneralert.com They will translate your letter for you, and provide mailing instructions.