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Princess789 , Where are you ???

Hey Princess or ill call you Tanya we are all missing you and we all wish oyu the best even tho you were one of our main teen Bible Disscuion Managers erm i wish you look in the futrer and this is frm kerry : fdisijsopokjdsjpji lol she is pressin the buttons everyone here in Tj mises you so please come and see us sum time n deffinatley come to live chat and we will keep you in heart forever Amen Sammie :love: :love: :love: :love:
Hey Tanya i miss u SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO much
we all miss u, u r so encoraging
yah i am going to go on with teen discussion because i think it is important to
keep discussing the Bible.
Please e-mail me Tanya before u go on TJ so i know to talk to u in the shout box please thank u so much
yah hope to see a thread from u soon or at less be able to read something u wirte in the shout out box
:heart: :heart: love to u Tanya and Sammie and Kerry too
Hey Girls, wow, I love you guys so much. This is so sweet. I didn't know I was so missed. It actually makes me feel special and I can see that God used me well here. I am trying to get on as much as i can but I cant get on that often. But I will try to email you both, God bles syou greatly, bye bye