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Prime Cause

In philosophy there has been an argument concerning the "Prime Cause". In nature, according to physics, an effect must be preceded by a cause.
No cause, no effect.

A problem has been found concerning the origins of the Universe. There is, according to some scientists and philosophers, and effect without a cause.

A number of conjectures have been put forward, but the laws of nature are immutable, so there cannot be an effect without a cause.
Some metaphysicists and philosophers have suggested that the laws of nature ARENT immutable..that is, the laws can change. This particular view is popular in the New Age religions. Considering that the whole body of modern science could not have come into being without the assertion that nature's laws ARE immutable, it could be argued that the latest scientific and philosophical movements are, in effect, engaged in proving themselves wrong on all counts. Hardly inspires confidence in their theories.

So, to simplify, it is generally accepted that an effect must be preceded by a cause. And there must be Something outside of the laws of nature, to be that cause, for the Prime Cause can't adhere to the law of cause and effect. Of all propositions put forward in answer to this problem, the simplest and most believable is the following:

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." - Genesis 1.
It seems to me like there just running around in circles with their logic trying to disprove God. I used to follow these new "scientific" ideas and try and disprove them in my mind because I was weak in faith and they bothered me.

But I would always end up were I started. There is no proof that everything around us just happend by coincidence. Furthermore God cannot be put under a microscope and studied. His existance is beyond our 3 dimensional human understanding. So it always comes back to a matter of faith, as it was designed to be.

These people simply do not want to believe there is a God, so they try to form their "theories" around their preconcieved dis-belief. The sad part is our secular society eats this stuff up and declares it science further misleading people. Somehow people have become too educated and intellegent to believe in God.

I don't mean to get on a soap box about this issue it's just that I have been decieved in the past by human knowlege. The only truth I seek now is spiritual in nature and not subject to "science". :pray:

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