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Staff Member
This is just a preview of what to expect soon once vBulletin 3.5 is officially released. Enjoy the excitement. These are custom modules / add-ons to the offical vBulletin system itself.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, kindly let me know.

Automatic Welcome PM

Description: sends an automatic welcome greeting via private message to new members from myself. A nice warm welcome to the new visitors to initiate a good impression.

Birthday Icon in Postbit

Description: self explanatory

Default Sort Field/Order for Forumdisplay

Description: Allows me to set the display order for a particular forum. I will use this on the Bible Answers forum to have the topics in alphabetical order.

Different Cell Color for Stickies

Description: self explanatory

Download Thread as PDF

Description: Save a thread in Adobe PDF format. Useful when someone especially posts a great thread such as a testimony, encouraging Scripture, Devotionals, etc.

ecDownloads 3.2

Description: Download songs and other things (moderated)

Event Attendance 2.0

Description: Bible studies, mod meetings, Prayer meetings, etc.

Flashchat Integration

Description: self explantory

FlashChat - Who is in the chat

Description: self explanatory

Forumhome Mouseover Effect

Description: self explanatory

Links and Downloads Manager

Description: same as #6. It'll be one or the other.

Members who have visited the forum today.

Description: self explanatory

My Server Info in AdminCP

Description: Internal server details for my own purpose.

Put a Column on the RIGHT side of every forum page

Description: like the right side column panel on the home page, this will be there on each forum as well but customized to specific forum categories with useful related links and no ads (only charitiy ads).

Realtime Template Compressor

Description: faster page loads.

Top 5 "Hot" Topics on Forum Home Page

Description: self explanatory

Track all Duplicate IP Addresses via Admin CP

Description: internal use for my end to track duplicate members

Users Registered Today

Description: self explanatory

Userplane Webchat Instant-Install

Description: new chat system (video / audio disabled)

vB Category Icons

Description: self explanatory

vBRadio v1.0

Description: select from many Christian radio stations. Streaming audio.


Description: spell checker

vB Staff Titles

Description: staff (admin/mods) get to add a 2nd line below their member name.

vB Survey

Description: eventually will be useful.

Welcome Panel

Description: similiar to what is above the navigation bar on top.

Who Viewed My Profile

Description: self explanatory

Whos online in Admincp

Description: self explanatory

World Time Zones

Description: self explanatory

...more to come
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Chad . looks great ! I know what you mean now by all the scripts you will have to write ! Half of the functions are scripts ! :love: :boy_hug: Here's a hug and some love for your efforts . Thanks brother . It's going to be a great site ! :thumbs_up Mike
Staff Member
Yeshua, I am waiting on the offical release of vbulletin 3.5 and the updated release of the site template from the original designer. Hopefully by end of September if not early/mid Sept.

Thanks everyone for your kind words.
Chad I have no comments to make on what you're doing. Just want to say God bless you as you prepare all this. There is some work to do there!! :love:
Staff Member
Thank you sister for your kind encouragement.

God bless you
Hello Chad
This sounds awesome!!!

Chad said:
If you have any suggestions or feedback, kindly let me know.

Yes I have a suggestion. When a persons joins, in an E mail, send them a link to instructions as to how to operate and do things on this website.

Plus add this or FAQ to the Navigation Bar or a place that is very obvious in plain sight that is seen when you come on Talk Jesus and mention this also in the E mail where it is found on the site..

I have noticed that is what most new people want to know as soon as they join. They ask either in chat or on the shoutbox.

I have been here along time and still dont know how to do much here. I just this week. found alot of this at the very bottom of the page in very small print on FAQ, altho it is not all explained there.

Thanks Chad you are doing a great job
God Bless
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Staff Member
Thanks for the feedbac. I'll consider the FAQ in the nav bar again.

God bless you

Your always making this a better Talk-Jesus than it was before. Thank You Brother, Chad.
Staff Member
Its an honor to serve GOD and His children here on Talk Jesus. We're all in it to Glorify GOD.
Wow you really bust your... tail! I looked at that list of things and got an instant headache... no wonder this site is so unbelievably slick and useful. It's frankly, on a technical level, plainly the most well-run Christian site I've ever seen. You work hard, Chad. I love that new "Who Looked at my Profile" thing, too. Nice way to see who's interested in what we have to say, etc.

God bless you, Chad, for all you've done for God and his Children!

In Christ, CaliFlower :rose: