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Prevailing winds from Heaven

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The weathermen speak of the prevailing wind. The winds change, but there is also a normal or general direction, such as from the west. The air currents naturally flow in that direction. There also is a prevailing wind from heaven. The Holy Spirit constantly comes with the pure freshness of glory, day and night, always streaming to us. We all talk about God moving on our behalf in answer to prayer. And He does. There is something else. He moves TOWARDS us, all the time, with prevailing currents of blessing and power. God does not come in gusts, an occasional sudden blast. His sovereign will is nothing like that. His will is what Scripture teaches, that God isn't a weak force one-day and a strong force another day. We need no barometer for God and no temperature gauge. He isn't around sometimes for revival or healing, but all the time - it is up to us, not God who never changes. He doesn't have moods.

Reinhard Bonnke. Evangelist to Africa..
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